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  1. Thanks
  2. Accessorising
  3. Hoot Mon......
  4. I still think they are best
  5. A question of "entitlement".....
  6. Formal Kilts on a budget
  7. Not real kilts?
  8. New Kilt arrives
  9. Scottish Kilts
  10. 5yds-v-8yds
  11. Scotish Kilts vs Irish Kilts?
  12. creating your own tartan
  13. Kilt Pins
  14. Question about pleats.....
  15. New kilt
  16. Pre - "Traditional" Kilts
  17. New kilt
  18. Turtleneck sweaters....
  19. Historic Quiz
  20. Ex-Army MOD kilts
  21. Anyone heard of these people?
  22. Favourites
  23. Quick Opinion Question
  24. Whens an 8 yard ,not an 8 yard ?
  25. The Scotland Yard?
  26. Buckles
  27. Alexis Malcolm Question
  28. Traditionals: Cost and Quality
  29. Of wishes and Warnings
  30. New kilt from McRok
  31. Balmoral Kilts and Highland Dress? (was: House of Edgar?)
  32. Opinions Please
  33. Alexis Malcolm
  34. New Kilt (sort of)
  35. Preferences
  36. Who actually OWNS a Scottish hand-sewn?
  37. Disapointed With an 800 Dollar Hand Sewn.
  38. Hemming a Tank
  39. help! bottom edge
  40. "Tank" Hems and Professional Altering
  41. Kathy's Kilts...
  42. Solid Connection at Kathy's Kilts
  43. My New Tank, a Macdonald Lord of the Isles by Kathy's Kilts
  44. A traditional Bear Kilt?
  45. My First Traditional, From USA Kilts
  46. Pipers Cove
  47. Another kilt on order
  48. know this one ?
  49. Lighter Traditional Kilts
  50. Changing length on a wool kilt
  51. Pleating
  52. My Macdonald Lord of the Isles tank from Kathy's Kilts
  54. Military tartans
  55. First Kilt Coming
  56. Trad fit
  57. Cameron Black and Red Tartan
  58. Footwear
  59. Traditional Boxpleat Is Here!!
  60. Anderson Hunting tartan
  61. Is Celtic Connection/Welsh Cilts Out of Business??
  62. trad. kilt length
  63. Barb's posse
  64. Kilt article in Threads Magazine
  65. Kilt experience with Linda Clifford?
  66. The Hill Walker Kilt.
  67. Pleating
  68. NewAlexis Malcolm Kilt
  69. A friend's wedding
  70. A Visit to Kathy Lare, Kathy's Kilts
  71. Victorian Kilts
  72. Tartans by Air
  73. Two Questions (tartan and vendor)
  74. Hard Tartan
  75. Following Barb T.'s book...
  76. Variations
  77. Clergy Green
  78. Anyone own Clergy Blue Kilt?
  79. 22 oz military kilts
  80. Clergy Ancient in PV?
  81. Oh Boy Oh Boy!
  82. Scottish kilts.net
  83. It's here!
  84. Kilt in Highland Granite tartan
  85. and a couple more - the Arctic and Antarctic tartans
  86. Finding Sizes?
  87. New Newsome Kilt!
  88. My Second Tank is Here!!
  89. Finally did it
  90. Jura Range
  91. Opinion of my first "Traditional" kilt
  92. Tartan ID?
  93. PC Kilts
  94. I count my blessings...
  95. Looking for review/opinions of TartanWeb
  96. Let the Jonesing Begin
  97. Prince Charlie Jacket on eBay
  98. WPG 22 oz kilts modification.
  99. GIBBS Tarton
  100. Kilt Kamp Summer 06
  101. bonus-jonesing...
  102. California Kilt Camp
  103. Unexpected!!!!
  104. Stillwater Blackwatch arrived
  105. Hamilton Red
  106. Cameron Red and Black....Soon....
  107. Prince of Wales kilt has arrived
  108. Hats off..
  109. My Cameron Black and Red tank is Here!
  110. How Much is Thot Kiltie in the Windae?
  111. New Kiltmaker?
  112. Feedback on Robert MacDonald?
  113. Douglas House Kilts?
  114. Regulation Doublet
  115. Can't sew - have to buy - how to compare?
  116. Kilt returned to Lochcarron
  117. I'm not addicted, I swear!!!!
  118. Oh! Jonesing time again!
  119. help
  120. Oops!...I Did It Again
  121. Oops! I did it again (as well!)
  122. Where do Kiltmaker's Learn Their Craft?
  123. Got my first "tank," and then some...
  124. The other one...
  125. Great Kilt fabric
  126. Angus Harvey
  127. New O'Neille "Tank"
  128. Met Angus at the Renn Fair
  129. A Great Kilt or Belted Plaid
  130. scottishclansman.com questions
  131. best bet
  132. Considering a Feilidh-beag
  133. Opinions on box v knife pleats
  134. Why hand-sewn?
  135. How to make box pleats!
  136. Taken by sloppy kiltmaker
  137. scottishkilts.net?
  138. Help! I don't know what I'm doing!
  139. I'm new to Kilts know They are cost $$$$
  140. I am this close() to buying this kilt
  141. Doing the Jonestown Waltz...
  142. Wales Tartan Centres
  143. Black Watch Pipers Kilts 1920's-1950
  144. A Package from Matt Newsome!
  145. Royal Air Force Tartan Kilt en route!
  146. early bonnets
  147. Hand Sewn, but where?
  148. Needing Custom Weave Tartan?
  149. Presley of Lonmay.
  150. Another new internet kiltmaker
  151. What happened to Gaelic Island Kilts?
  152. Details Of My New Isle of Skye Kilt
  153. I love buy it now
  154. Is this too good to be true?
  155. WPG again
  156. Westcoast kilts
  157. Kilts of the 79th New York
  158. Henderson (weathered,) 4 yard, boxpleat by Matt Newsome: A review
  159. Review of "Braveheart" kilt
  160. Irish Kiltmaker
  161. great kilt problems
  162. More on the Australian Tartan
  163. Hand Sewn Leatherneck Tartan Kilt Is On The Way!!!
  164. I may be getting a traditional kilt
  165. Let the Jonesing Begin!
  166. How do you deceide....
  167. a 9 yard
  168. Trying to find the oldest kilt
  169. Has anyone tried Glenniff?
  170. Braveheart has returned
  171. 8 Yards Of Heaven!
  172. Morrison Red; A Review
  173. new kilt ordered
  174. I've been a good boy!!
  175. Reading Wellington's Highlanders...
  176. Update about 2nd edition, Art of Kiltmaking
  177. Uneven pleats
  178. How many pleats does a kilt make
  179. Strathmore Woollen Company
  180. My first kilt, Lamont Ancient
  181. Edinburgh kiltmaker burns down
  182. Reviw of MacGillivray Lochcarron Tank
  183. Where to start? TANK quest...
  184. Jones, Jones and JONES!!!!!
  185. German Heritage Kilt from USAK
  186. My new Tewksbury Ancient Grant Traditional
  187. My very first kilt!
  188. 2 New Boy's Kilts from Get Shirty
  189. MacPherson Dress
  190. NEW (to me) MacIntyre Ancient hunting?
  191. 11-ounce kilt question
  192. Kiltmaker Suggestion
  193. What Price Glory
  194. Kathy Lare review
  195. Where to begin? Looking for 16oz+ 7/8yards Black Watch kilt (possibly in UK)
  196. Tartan Gift Shop closing
  197. New Prices & X Marks Discounts
  198. may have a convert...Marshall tartan
  199. Military Pleats?
  200. USA Kilts Awsome Timing / Go Navy!!!!
  201. Newsome Box Pleat in MacMedic Tartan
  202. Kilts at Office Christmas Party
  203. Review Wally Catanach kilt #6
  204. Lucky Me! Lucky Catanach Kilt #7 Review
  205. Traditional Kilts are safer!
  206. Tanks a Million, Barb T
  207. Different yardage? Pros, I need your help.
  208. The Black Watch duty uniform
  209. To stripe or sett?
  210. My Tewksbury has arrived
  211. Experience with Sandy St. James Kilts?
  212. Matt Newsome Ulster Red Box Pleat
  213. 'Kingussie' Pleated
  214. 2 straps or 3 weigh in men! (and women)
  215. Ontario tartan in wool.
  216. Milwaukee Kilt Maker?
  217. First (hurried) flix of my new HBC kilt.
  218. Burnett Kilt in Michigan
  219. Review - XMTS 16oz by Barb Tewksbury
  220. Ninth Kathy Lare Hand Sewn Kilt Ordered
  221. Which "Ontario" tartan do you favour?
  222. new Barb T. kilt
  223. What Price Glory kilt sale
  224. The Mother of ALL JONES'!!
  225. MacDonald of Sleat, Matt Newsome
  226. Review: Isle of Skye from Woollen Mill
  227. Kilt #7 - Buchanan Modern Hunting!
  228. WPG help
  229. Holyrood Tartan Kilt from Scottishkilts.net
  230. 12 hour Tewksbury kilt odyssey
  231. The Grand unveiling!
  232. folding the Feile mor
  233. Advise for Puffer
  234. The Saffron Kilt
  235. Something New From Kathy Lare
  236. Burnetts & Struth Spring Sale
  237. WPG Gordon
  238. Alexis Malcom?
  239. Will 54" wide work for great kilt?
  240. Hand Sewn Kilts in the Wind
  241. tunes of glory
  242. Quality of a Tank vs other kilts
  243. what am I seeing here?
  244. NEW KILT!!!! well, erm... almost
  245. Kilts & Trews
  246. Yay!!!!!
  247. tartans in kilts
  248. Buying Stories
  249. New Burnetts & Struth Malcolm Modern
  250. "Great Scot" Kilts
  251. Hand Sewn: Be All End All
  252. Show me some MacDonald
  253. Kilt Misrepresented
  254. Puffer"s new wpg kilt
  255. Maple Leaf Tartan
  256. A Lady's Kilted Skirt
  257. Where To Buy Traditional Scottish Outfit
  258. Another New KILT for PUFFER
  259. Next kilt help
  260. Tartan day Normandie 2009
  261. A Fashion Idea for Kilt Builders
  262. Uniform Help?
  263. **KILT BOMB** (traditional box pleat style!)
  264. Pleating and tartan comparisons
  265. Oh Carolina
  266. New Newsome Box-Pleat!
  267. Tartan Weight
  268. Tartan Weight.... differnt question!
  269. End of a Newsome Jones
  270. Military Kilts and Trews
  271. New Lare Mac Kilt
  272. Robertson kilt spied on ebay
  273. Pleated to sett or stripe?
  274. Well, I finally ordered it!
  275. Looking for a feilidh beag
  276. Burns Check by Matt Newsome
  277. Puffer's auld lang syne tartan kilt
  278. New box pleat Gordon by Barb T. :)
  279. MY "DATE"-Puffer
  280. Which is warmer - a "TANK" or TREWS ???
  281. Kilts For Idi Amin
  282. Regimental Field Flashes?
  283. A Board of Director's Dinner - Puffer
  284. WPG Cameron Review
  285. MOD "surplus" vs WPG
  286. Teaser pictures, more detail to follow
  287. Vintage Tank Alterations
  288. Having difficulty Deciding...Let's Vote!
  289. Communcation at Scottishkilts.net
  290. NEW KILT - Review - Puffer
  291. WWI Canadian Black Watch Kilt on EBAY
  292. New kilt ordered
  293. New Lady Chrystel Box double box
  294. Wearing a PC in the Daytime??
  295. "But I Don't Have Enough Money!"
  296. Complete the outfit
  297. Wool Kilts for Someone on a budget
  298. Trews as traditional Highland dress?
  299. Differences between Tam O'Shanter vs Balmoral
  300. New Kilt from a Great Kiltmaker
  301. jacket names: where'd they come from
  302. glengarry in tartan too much?
  303. Which tartan for an arisaid for a wedding?
  304. The Title of "Master Kiltmaker"
  305. Hand Sewn MacNeil of Barra from USA Kilts
  306. Drawings
  307. Keepers of the Kingdom
  308. Collarless Jackets
  309. Buttons on a Doublet
  310. $Million Dollar Tartan$
  311. Tradition of Non-Cookie-Cutter Kilt Jackets?
  312. Oh Trews, where art thou
  313. Traditional Kilt Jacket Backs?
  314. Five Button, Six Button, and Edwardian Style Waistcoats?
  315. Clan Chiefs Pleating Preferences
  316. Is this in good taste?
  317. Gunn Tartan - which tweed to go for?
  318. Which Are More Traditional, Braided Epaulets or Solid Epaulets?
  319. The Royal Warrant Holders Association
  320. Rathdown's New Kilt Has Arrived
  321. Low cost off the shelf jackets
  322. Where is the women's section?
  323. Lapel, cuff, and pocket flap Facing on a Dress Argyle?
  324. Rosettes instead of Kilt Pins?
  325. Interesting Article
  326. Dirk belts in formal/full dress attire
  327. A Definition of the Term, T R A D I T I O N A L
  328. What would the Victorians think?
  329. The Piper's Wardrobe
  330. Pipers Wardrobe Challenge
  331. Buckle Shoes
  332. History of seal skin sporrans
  333. Highland bonnet question...
  334. Tweed Jacket Colors
  335. Traditional Solid Color Kilts and Definitions
  336. Feileadh Mor
  337. A prize winner
  338. Tartan-wearing conventions among Scots
  339. Proper highland games sporran?
  340. Show us your Tack !
  341. jacket ID
  342. Kilt Lengths in Gathering Photos
  343. proper crommach
  344. Tartan waistcoat
  345. Fly Plaid vs Drummers Plaid
  346. Are kilts getting longer?
  347. In a quandry
  348. John D. Burgess
  349. ID on a jacket please
  350. Proper Sporran Wear Question
  351. Two vent or not to vent
  352. I need a "wooden handled" sgian dubh
  353. The Pocket Handkerchief
  354. Long Goat and Horse Hair Sporrans
  355. Nice quality buckle brogues
  356. From the sewing room...
  357. To Pin or Not to Pin?
  358. A shoe of any other name - still a brouge?
  359. Badges on the jacket lapels?
  360. History of the plain leather day sporran?
  361. Lovat green kilt jacket on eBay
  362. All right.....Brutal honesty requested!
  363. IDEAL v. BUDGET
  364. Tweed jacket "cut-off"?
  365. Finding the correct level of formality
  366. MacLowlife wondering about the high life
  367. So how is this?
  368. Kilt Jacket Length
  369. Proper wearing of Military Medals
  370. formal jackets and the cookie cutter aversion
  371. more sewing.........
  372. "Day plaid"?
  373. What do you think?
  374. Normal or formal?
  375. total world domination- and the jacket for it
  376. Tewksbury Wait
  377. Jacket types
  378. Truibhs – Friend Or Foe ?
  379. Portrait of a Regal Lady
  380. The Scotland Kilt Company casual wool kilt review
  381. matching your hose?
  382. Equivalent to a tux
  383. Tie or no tie?
  384. Last regimental kiltmaker dies
  385. So what did they call this jacket?
  386. Really big kilt hose
  387. montrose multiplex?
  388. Alan Cumming OBE
  389. Brass button on a PC
  390. Chieftan Waistcoat Fit
  391. Outerwear over the kilt
  392. Dressing down the Brian Boru/PC
  393. Brian Barou vs. Prince Charlie
  394. A cravat with an Argyll?
  395. P.C. Jacket and Vest Sizing
  396. Wondering if this is Traditional...
  397. Ladies Traditional Highland Dress
  398. unbuttoning bottom button
  399. 8 yards: when, and why?
  400. Traditional handkerchief usage
  401. Jacket sleaves
  402. Military Kilts in the 1850s
  403. Waistcoat with a belt
  404. Montrose Doublet
  405. Need an Opinion Burns Dinner Apparel
  406. MacKenzie Frain Regulation Doublet -- a review
  407. Clan Chiefs and how they pleat their kilts
  408. Montrose Doublet owners, a favor please
  409. Beautiful Doublet
  410. Newbie Groom to be needs advice
  411. traditional vs. classic
  412. Glengarries through the years
  413. Tweed kit at Burns Dinner
  414. What is proper for women?
  415. A Mac Ghille Sheathanaich gem.
  416. Ian Grant Sporrans
  417. Repairing The Underarm of a Prince Charlie
  418. NOT hose tops, tops of hose...
  419. My New Brogues for Highland Evening Wear
  420. Caledonian Ball
  421. Buckle Loafers/Highlandwear pumps
  422. Sheriffmuir tie options
  423. RG Lawrie catalogue c1940
  424. Highlanders Discuss Highland Attire
  425. Toorie Question
  426. Concerning Doublets
  427. Cap badges with Tams, or Balmorals without ribbons?
  428. Equestrian's Stock Tie
  429. evolution of the kilt
  430. The Sheriff of Muiringham?
  431. Kilting Out of Context
  432. doublet on Kijiji Toronto
  433. Visions of Scottishness
  434. What about the double box pleat kilt?
  435. Dress sporran with wooden cantle?
  436. black MacSween
  437. Barbour Country Neckwear
  438. A Multitude of Photographical Examples of How I approach Traditional Highland Dress
  439. My Recent Wedding Pics
  440. Bargain kilts
  441. PC vs Holyrood jacket/waistcoat differences
  442. formal evening dress: vest or no?
  443. Several Additional Photos of Interest
  444. "Cookie Cutter" Pipe Band Dress
  445. kiltwearing advice from 1936
  446. What is Traditional Highland Dress?
  447. American source for a kilt jacket?
  448. Need some advice...daywear (shirt, vest, jacket)
  449. 79th Glengarries-Help from any reenactors
  450. Tartan Day 2010 Photos: Depicting Highland Dress
  451. warm weather kilt jackets?
  452. What about a boutonnière?
  453. Baccalaureate Night and a tie
  454. Day Wear Jacket-- A Review of "Plan B"
  455. New Kilt Arrived
  456. dirk
  457. dirk
  458. Morning Suit Equivalent
  459. Highland Evening Doublet made of Strome Tartan
  460. How Formal Are Garter Ties?
  461. sgian dubh
  462. small regulation find
  463. Guide to Highland Jackets
  464. Questions on the Newsome 4yrd Box Pleat or 8yrd Knife Pleat?
  465. IN-formal Evening Attire Question
  466. The Green Day-wear Jacket. I share my story.
  467. Tartan Gauntlets
  468. White sporran spotted
  469. HISSSSS ( but it's a BARGAIN)
  470. Matching jacket and waistcoat?
  471. Brass cantle for today?
  472. Ramsay of Mar and Lady Saltoun
  473. Traditional leather sporran strap?
  474. Diced Hose with Contrasting Garters?
  475. Montrose/Sherrifmuir Doublets-Jabot Needed?
  476. Sporrans and 'real' sporrans.
  477. Black Tie Event - Shoe Advice Needed
  478. over doing the bling?
  479. What jacket for my proposed situation?
  480. Just HOW many ways can an Argyll be 'Dressed Up'?
  481. first post and dumb question about military doublets
  482. A Q. for "True Highlanders"
  483. Sporran size?
  484. Traditional Rain Clothing
  485. Formalwear question for the experts: Argyle w/waistcoat
  486. signet Rings in Traditional Highland Attire.
  487. Black Watch hackle question
  488. Coat with Trews?
  489. Best Value Tattersall Shirts?
  490. Curious about the "rules"
  491. The Varieties of Traditional Experience: To Jabot or not To Jabot
  492. Belt for Montrose Doublet
  493. White kilts for men?
  494. Virtues of the Pocket-Square
  495. interesting doublet
  496. Freedom in Tradition
  497. 79th New York on Parade (In color!)
  498. Answer to Black Watch spat question?
  499. THCD Photo Examples
  500. Red-laced brogues/(p)review my attire...
  501. Bespeaking of Bespoke - what is your experience?
  502. Boer war pipers in hort clip
  503. ....& speaking of bespoken
  504. ONWARD to a new topic: Buttons
  505. thoughts on tartan vest to go with Black jacket
  506. Seven Days... New Topic
  507. Acceptable colors for Prince Charlie jacket
  508. Where does the Balmoral Doublet fit in?
  509. Opinon on Hose for Formal Wear
  510. Critique invited
  511. Open Fronted Doublets
  512. Concerning neckwear
  513. opinions on this jacket on eBay?
  514. Fly Plaid - Which Shoulder??
  515. How to Complete this Outfit?
  516. Can't find painting with awkward sporran
  517. Plaid brooches
  518. Formal Buckle Shoes
  519. New Regulation Doublet
  520. At the Steeplechaise
  521. good country shoes?
  522. Hose: To Contrast, Complement and Harmonize
  523. Civilian Mess Jackets
  524. Mustard-Coloured Tweed?
  525. pleating to the sett vs. stripe
  526. 1948 Book Highland Dress George F Collie 1st edition
  527. TRADITION: let's (re)define it.
  528. 1920s Forsyth catalogue
  529. New Barb Tewksbury Kilt
  530. Generation to Generation
  531. Sub-Forum Descriptors
  532. harris Tweed
  533. Kilt glasses, kilt watches, kilt pens, kilt cars
  534. Diced Tam and Cap Badge?
  535. Alternative to Jabots
  536. Critique my summer kilt wear
  537. Which Doublet?
  538. Auld Crabbits
  539. Traditional Civilian Highland SHIRTS
  540. Source for "substantial" tattersall shirt?
  541. Critique my Summer Kilt Wear II
  542. Newsome's Summer Wear
  543. Critique my summer wear IV/show your own
  544. Summer Styles, MacLean fashion
  545. All this talk about Summer
  546. Summer in High River, Alberta
  547. Is Tweed Acceptably Traditional?
  548. OVER THE TOP: peacocks amongst the penguins
  549. Sgian Dubh Outside the Hose?
  550. My outfit from last night
  551. Slap the cuffs on me...I want my lawyer.
  552. Question about flashes...
  553. Black Cap Toe Oxfords
  554. Surprise !
  555. Mess jackets - questions
  556. 1,000 posts and still grateful
  557. Great Lewis Hose Buy
  558. Also a Great Buy on MOD Diced Hose
  559. A fell question.
  560. Soon to Arrive! Bespoke Kate Macpherson Head-on Pine Marten Sporran with Front Feet
  561. New Bairn, New Kilt
  562. Aboyne Highland Games Photos - Various
  563. Does anyone make this style coatee?
  564. double breasted Prince Charley
  565. Traditional day dress c. 1870
  566. Agylls kilt panels and more
  567. Newsome Kilt 5yrd and Lare Kilt 8yrd Comparison
  568. Goin' to a Kirkin'
  569. Seven days without a post makes one weak
  570. Kilt and necktie in matching tartan?
  571. tartan above the waist
  572. Traditional traditionalists?
  573. Oh! My turn! How'd I do?
  574. Contemporary traditional funeral attire
  575. PM John D. Burgess
  576. Solo pipers 1980s-today
  577. Good Country Shoes - part 2
  578. Ladies' Sashes
  579. Kinloch-Anderson 21oz Heavy-Weight Tweed
  580. Review: Sporran Straps for the larger chap
  581. Jabots
  582. How to stich a Feileadh Mor together?
  583. Too Traditional?
  584. Alternative to the jabot?
  585. Clan Farquharson Gathering Photos
  586. Stick Questions for our Native Scots
  587. "Balmoral" Doublet Help?
  588. Preferred Collar Stay or Stiffener?
  589. Traditional Patches, Repairs, and Mends
  590. "Traditional" regulation doublet?
  591. Tashes (Inverness Flaps)
  592. Wonderful Play Dress-up Photo
  593. I propose a toast
  594. SEVEN DAYS WITHOUT A POST... makes one weak, again...
  595. Horsehair sporran. Full mask sporran
  596. Anderson 1936 catalogue
  597. My wedding!
  598. Buttoning tweed Argyle jacket when worn with a waistcoat?
  599. Elastic pleat-keepers in military kilts
  600. 2011-12 Photos of the Argyllshire Gathering and Oban Games
  601. 1st Highland Dress I feel proud of...critique?
  602. Antique Wm. Anderson Catalog of Highland Dress is on eBay
  603. Newbie question - I am doing this right?
  604. It can't happen!
  605. A Saturday piping.
  606. Tassels on Red Laces?
  607. Kingussie Pleating: Anyone have one?
  608. trad 'canon' of sporran styles
  609. Authentic??
  610. let's see some nice vintage buckles
  611. Pleating question: To The Sett, To The Stripe, To the Sett Again
  612. My new kit for Burns night
  613. Reasonably priced tweed
  614. Ancient and weathered tartans
  615. HERE'S a TREAT
  616. How about this ensemble?
  617. Doublet buttons
  618. New Doublet
  619. Interesting kilt jacket pattern
  620. Feather in your bonnet
  621. Back to sporrans
  622. Less Can Be More
  623. kilt pin information
  624. Poll: How do you do "black tie"?
  625. Dressed to the Hilt
  626. To bonnet or not to bonnet, that is the question
  627. WWII handmade kilt pin? Has anyone seen one like this before?
  628. yet another pipe band adopts bespoke tartan
  629. Kilt belt loops?
  630. Lets talk tartan waistcoats
  631. interesting Victorian hose
  632. A choice between doublets
  633. great photo of high-rise Army kilt
  634. Even in the Hebrides
  635. Colonel in a Highland Regiment
  636. Too Many Groceries?
  637. HRH Prince Charles in Highland Evening Attire - Let's Take a Look!
  638. Christmas In July
  639. I was told "Dress to Impress" so....
  640. Sherrifmuir Jacket
  641. Picking the right jacket
  642. How's the look?
  643. Maiden Voyage - Balmoral Doublet
  644. New tweed argyll
  645. The ideal time for the black argyll
  646. Out for a New Year Stroll
  647. I'll be wearing a kilt for the first time at my wedding.
  648. Over doing it
  649. Dress codes and changing trends
  650. Was this ever in style?
  651. Army in mufti
  652. what would happen? Pocket lint
  653. what do you make of this vintage photo?
  654. Tartan waistcoat experimentation
  655. The Edinburgh Wedding Video Highlights
  656. multiple tartans
  657. "Highland" embellishments on jackets
  658. Inviting Critiscism.... For Jock Scot etc.
  659. Can we define THCD?
  660. Now that we have a definition... a question of Tradition...
  661. Traditional Highland Civilian Dress: A Definition and Guide with Visual Examples
  662. What are we allowed to post in this section?
  663. Never mind the meta- here comes a topic! hosal adaptation?
  664. A brief note of thanks
  665. Tartan Waistcoat - One from the back of the wardrobe
  666. Let's see your THCD formal attire!
  667. Cuffs on traditional Highland jackets
  668. Dyeing hose
  669. Formal or dress sporran
  670. mystery Glengarry
  671. History of Full-Face Sporrans
  672. Snaffle/broken bit loafers... acceptable alternative to DIY "buckle brogues"
  673. civilian "Argyll"jackets
  674. THCD everyday for inspiration?
  675. Campbells of Beauly takenover
  676. Argyll jacket with breast pockets 2
  677. Fly plaid etiquette?
  678. point cuff kilt jacket
  679. Argyll Hose with Day Wear
  680. THCD, Not THCD
  681. Jackets?
  682. DO you have a favourite level of traditional dress?
  683. Kilts4less Barva Harris Tweed Argyll/Vest Review.
  684. Why traditional?
  685. Too "Matchy-Matchy"?
  686. New (to me) jacket from eBay
  687. Traditional sporran canon with examples
  688. New kilt!!!!
  689. Kilt and Trews Jacket for Reeling/balls
  690. Lest We Forget. Highland Regiments WW11
  691. How a highlander decides how to dress.
  692. A source for bespoke jackets?
  693. Plenty of traditional wear at Clan Donald Canada AGM
  694. UT Kilts
  695. origin of the Prince Charlie?
  696. Bison hose in the 1860s
  697. Traditional Highland Wedding Attire?
  698. 1 kilt 10 looks: John Burgess
  699. Just can't decide what to wear!
  700. New bespoke waistcoat
  701. New besopke Day Jacket & Waitcoat
  702. Argyll jackets: 5 makers?
  703. eBay is my friend!! Another jacket
  704. Out and about in town
  705. Ebay again... d'oh.
  706. To Wear Trews At My Wedding?
  707. What to wear for Easter
  708. Outfit for Cobourg Highland Games
  709. Questions about jackets and vests?
  710. Pics of Highlanders in Scotland wearing THCD
  711. Royal Irish Rangers piper's kit Ebay
  712. How to wear Highland Dress
  713. Taylor a kilt jacket or Taylor myself?
  714. Casual but traditional
  715. Is this Sporran too formal for daily/casual wear?
  716. Kilt with 80 pleats
  717. is there a difference between an argyle and a regular blazer?
  718. beautiful 1936 sporran
  719. Scottish wedding photos
  720. Diced hose versus unmatched tartan hose for formal
  721. What make is this sporran?
  722. Morning dress - which sporran?
  723. Military Style Shirt
  724. Replacing Day Jacket buttons - which ones
  725. A "new" 106 year old jacket and waistcoat
  726. What level of formality would a commencement ceremony fall under?
  727. Tweed epaulettes
  728. Camel hair Balmoral?
  729. Daywear colors for evening
  730. Striped "regimental" tie question
  731. First crack at traditional outfit
  732. A formal kilted promotional photo
  733. Sport Kilt Argyle Jacket and Vest
  734. New Coat, What is the Consensus?
  735. Waistcoat ideas
  736. kilted sweater weather in SD
  737. which white metal do you prefer for formal wear?
  738. Short Sleeves
  739. Which Pipe Band?
  740. TCHD at the Worlds today
  741. Ticket Pockets on kilt jackets
  742. feedback requested
  743. Celtic Corner of Cincinnati
  744. Sporran belt vs. chain
  745. a couple new items
  746. Timeline of Evening Dress Jackets
  747. navy blue silver button argyle use
  748. Traditional Sporrans Catalogue
  749. Budget Kilt Recommendation
  750. Personal flair
  751. Hot weather kilting in San Diego
  752. My New Diced Balmoral
  753. Fraser Ross catalogue 1920s
  754. traditional bonnet colors
  755. Limits of tattersall
  756. outfits at The Worlds Friday 2018
  757. Kilt jacket with trousers?
  758. Another vintage tweed jacket & waistcoat score
  759. Traditional Kilt Pins
  760. Traditional Beach Wear
  761. New from Old
  762. too rustic?
  763. Kilt hose advice
  764. Looking for Advice/Criticism
  765. Old Doublet on eBay
  767. eBay find: vintage Duncan Chisholm & Sons check tweed jacket
  768. 19C Long Goat Hair Sporran
  769. Why do vintage jackets outnumber vintage waistcoats?
  770. dragon/bird knotwork buckles
  771. New Finds - New Kit
  772. Roll of the dice - excited about my new hose...
  773. Sporrans 1920s/1930s
  774. eBay Jacket and Waistcoat
  775. mixing modes of TCHD
  776. vintage tweed jacket and waistcoat renovatiion
  777. particularly bold patterned Argyll on the 'bay
  778. nice tweed Argyll and waistcoat on etsy
  779. A couple of locals...
  780. Another Question about the Argyll Jacket and Vest
  781. Shoe advice? Any help would be appreciated!
  782. Tartan color coordination ideas - help appreciated!
  783. Brown jacket unfortunately not my size...
  784. My Highland Wedding
  785. My thoughts on THCD
  786. Thistle Design Buckles
  787. pictures of your Scottish Wildcat tartan garments
  788. Finally ready for black tie
  789. Wm. Anderson Catalog of Highland Dress*
  790. Couple of Jackets on eBay
  791. Clanncrois Brand and Quality
  792. Gauntlet/Argyll Cuff
  793. 1896 Sporran refresh
  794. Pipers of old
  795. USA Highland Dress 1978
  796. A nice eBay find
  797. New Stash - Harris Tweed
  798. Traditional (Regulation) Doublet
  799. The Day Plaid wrapped and pinned in Victorian era
  800. Choosing a Tartan
  801. rethinking "traditional" dress and the Hire impact
  802. High Commissioner Portrait - Day wear
  803. A very special tweed
  804. Questions about single seam trews.
  805. Antique Buttons
  806. Anniversary
  807. Tunic shirt
  808. New PC and waistcoat
  809. Show your bespoke pieces!
  810. family with tartan above the waist
  811. Lockdown Black Tie Supper
  812. Victorian Muder Mystery outfit
  813. MOD Cantle - Sporran Refurbishment
  814. Pockets in Inverness tashes?
  815. A note of thanks
  816. Braces/Suspenders buttons placement on kilts
  817. New buttons on an old jacket
  818. Question about rain jackets.
  819. Evening Wear Ensemble
  820. Geoffrey (Tailor) tweed jacket
  821. TCHD insights from non-Highland clothing
  822. Tweed Kilt Jacket Colour Timeline
  823. White Tie Etiquette
  824. my 'traditional' outfits 2022
  825. A nod to the past.
  826. Who was "TD" (sporran maker)?
  827. Inauguration of the 23rd Chief of MacBean.
  828. today's Worlds dress
  829. The Kilted King
  830. Matching metals
  831. Clan Donald Canada AGM
  832. Tartan Trews from MacGregor MacDuff
  833. Balmoral Doublet
  834. A brisk Hogmany walk
  835. Drumming up Interest: Glenorchy Type Reweave
  836. Brown with Traditional Argyll

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