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  1. Freedom Kilts is launched
  3. New Pics of CADPAT, MARPATs and Camos
  4. Comprehension
  5. Matching Kilts
  6. Public release of new model
  7. Now Iv'e gone and done it
  8. Fabric Softener And PC
  9. Grand Opening
  10. Freedom Kilts in Philly
  11. Wow...
  12. Requesting some help
  13. Turn around time?
  14. Time for a new kilt.
  15. WOW to the website too!
  16. I must try one!
  17. It arrived - and here is my 'Review'!
  18. It won't be long!
  19. The Official FK T-Shirt
  20. Knomes in Kilts
  21. quick question...
  22. FK Casual Review
  23. Good CH News Coverage
  24. It's on it's way!
  25. First FK arrives
  26. So, what do you think?
  27. Because you wanted to know about hose.
  28. Freedom Kilts invade Iraq
  29. Steve does it again!!!!
  30. The brand new, hot off the sewing machine, Freedom Kilts Dress Model
  31. Freedom Kilts Dress Model - Continued
  32. New website?
  33. I Need Reviews of the New Site
  34. response time
  35. A request for understanding and patience.
  36. Question
  37. Eyeballing Heritage Hose
  38. Freedom Kilts is moving
  39. Now That's a Good Deal!
  40. Number Nine
  41. An X Marks Dress Model FK
  42. Heritage Hose
  43. I'd forgotten how it felt
  44. Pre Order Jones?
  45. AAAAaaaahhhhh !!!!!
  46. Its Here!! My New Maroon Dress Model FK
  47. A couple of Pics
  48. Name that kilt
  49. Something to think about
  50. For Erin @ Freedom Kilts
  51. Field Testing the Dress Model Freedom Kilt
  52. Hello Steve
  53. Just saw my first Freedom Kilt: WHOAH
  54. About the buttons
  55. FK @ xmas party
  56. Dart Team Kilts
  57. How's this for a Kilt Shirt?
  58. Special offer on Kilt Hose for ladies or children?
  59. Freedom Kilts, A Class Act
  60. Oh My, Oh My. A day to remember
  61. Thanks so much, Steve
  62. The Hagrid Shirt
  63. Industrial Kilt
  64. Heirtage hose
  65. Dress Model FK Outdoors
  66. Freedom Kilts on the runway
  67. How do you make your customers go berserk?
  68. FK "Kilt Shirt" review
  69. New Freedom Kilt
  70. How to measure for a kilt - a video
  71. Toned down (e.g. elegant) kilt jacket with five-button vest
  72. The Freedom Kilt review.
  73. Freedom Kilts and Duties and Taxes - a survey.
  74. FK's new website, when?
  75. Freedom Riverkilt Desert Camo Review
  76. Happy Anniversary Freedom Kilts
  77. My new Desert Camo Freedom Kilt.
  78. Casual vest idea
  79. FK in the Victoria News
  80. Canadian Flags on Freedom Kilts
  81. Kudos for Freedom Kilts
  82. A final word on Kilt Kamp
  83. What's up with the FK Link?
  84. The new home of Freedom Kilts.
  85. Freedom Kilt customer service
  86. Some ways to handle dealing with the Crabby Old Fart at FK
  87. Cargo Inbound!
  88. A Tartan for "A Company of Adventurers"
  89. A one-off Hemp Box Pleated FK
  90. Freedom Kilt fabric choices.....
  91. The long awaited Kilt Jacket
  92. Introducing - The Tweed Kilt Cut Sport Coat
  93. Bridging the gap between ultra-casual and ultra-formal
  94. Pic's of new shop???
  95. Freedom Kilts Web Site down!
  96. An update on Freedom Kilts
  97. A gold star for Erin
  98. Monochromatic Maroon
  99. Hudson Bay Company tartan kilt
  100. Maroon Cargo Model with all the bells and whistles!
  101. Hudson Bay Company Tartan Box Pleat
  102. www.freedomkilts.com gone for good?
  103. Freedom Kilts 'Casual' model review
  104. Routing error?
  105. Ha Ha Cameron Taylor
  106. It's finally up for everyone to see.
  107. I'm impressed by the attention to detail!
  108. Another Isle of Skye joins the fray
  109. The only way to properly wear "Pink Death".
  110. I am asked The Question!
  111. Freedom Kilts Album
  112. Review of Freedom Kilts (sans pictures)
  113. Lamont Modern - Freedom kilts
  114. Perhaps the World's First ABU Kilt?
  115. Isle of Skye redux
  116. XMTS Sponsor for the Month of October- Freedom Kilts!
  117. Preview of The DaVinci Code Tartan
  118. Tiger Stripe Inboud
  119. Xmarks patches
  120. Da Vinci Code Tartan a review
  121. Extremes of Freedom Kilts: A Double Review
  122. How do you know you have a loyal customer?
  123. A Kilt Shirt review
  124. Woo-hoo!!!!
  125. The Wizard is off to Scotland
  126. When a Argyle Jacket is just too dressy.
  127. Freedom Kilts - what a great shop
  128. Self-imposed "jones"
  129. The Wizard of Ahhhs...
  130. What Curmudgeon?
  131. The end of a self-imposed Jones.
  132. The Start of an Empire?
  133. My new Box Pleat Leatherneck from Freedom Kilts
  134. What I did on my summer vacation
  135. Freedom kilt experience
  136. End of a Jones
  137. X Marks Freedom Kilt Nirvana
  138. Cool new accessories from Freedom Kilts and how Steve feels about XMTS
  139. Black Watch Kilt from 1914-15
  140. Freedom Kilt after two years of hard use
  141. Finally! Picts! Pix?
  142. My Son's New Freedom Kilt
  143. Freedom Kilts Hertitage hose review and pictures
  144. What to do with your Tartan after you design one.
  145. Confusion?
  146. Great article
  147. White Freedom Kilt, custom painted
  148. A Question About Future Purchases
  149. tartan question
  150. Freedom kilts visit
  151. Favorite Model?
  152. He cleans up rather well.
  153. Thank you for the visit!
  154. Just picked mine up!
  155. My New X Marks Kilt
  156. An X Marks Tartan Freedom Kilt opportunity.
  157. New Cargo Kilt From Freedom Kilts
  158. Sporrans?
  159. New lovat blue tweed jacket
  160. Almost five years.
  161. For my fellow Marines
  162. Steve's work...
  163. New York Times travel slide show of Fernwood, with Freedom Kilts
  164. dandeion
  165. Brown Leather Nightstalker Sporran
  166. I have CRS, and it's in another language.
  167. Sweet Jones
  168. It's here!
  169. The Freedom Kilts Carry-All Sporran
  170. Freedom Kilts is on Facebook!
  171. It's finally here!!
  172. 2 new FK's!
  173. A little publicity is always a good thing.
  174. Bang bang
  175. From the after party,
  176. Ready made, Off the Rack, X Marks Tartan kilts.
  177. a facebook photo shoot
  178. Dress Blue Marine at the Las Vegas Highland Games
  179. What is your favourite model of Freedom Kilt?
  180. 2 Charcoals
  181. First day out & about with the Charcoal Tweed.
  182. Pressed the Poly Cotton
  183. The 150th Victoria Highland Games
  184. Kilt Night with CDNSushi
  185. Have a look at some jackets.
  186. Freedom in action
  187. The Carry-All Sporran - How to order
  188. Its not my fault. Its the clothes.
  189. Solids, more than just utility!
  190. In commemoration of Remembrance Day 2013
  191. Who says machine sewn kilts don't "swish"?
  192. Who says machine sewn kilts don't "swish"?
  193. Woo-Hoo! A milestone met.
  194. Business cards?
  195. Its not my fault!
  196. What to do, what to do?
  197. Greetings From Freedom Kilts
  198. The CArryall Sporran - user feedback.
  199. A peek at my new toy
  200. The 'Jones" is in overdrive
  201. Let someone's loss, be someone's gain
  202. Custom circular sock machine hose - Finished!!!
  203. Next kilt
  204. Congratulations, Steve!
  205. Question on Material
  206. New Freedom Kilts hose
  207. Re-introducing the Freedom Kilts Heritage Hose
  208. Surprises inside a custom Scottish-made kilt
  209. Let the jones begin! (for real this time)
  210. A proposal to our leatherworkers
  211. The Freedom Kilts accessoris section is now live and active
  212. Just a small pre Burns TV interview
  213. Grey Granite PV
  214. A few consignment Jackets and kilts
  215. Carryall Sporran
  216. Kilts and Circular Sock Machines!
  217. Glad I had cards!
  218. New and improved Carry-All Sporran - Now made in Scotland
  219. Is it a kilt - Or a jig saw puzzle?
  220. A taste of new custom kilt hose
  221. beyond the call of duty
  222. Vests
  223. Problems Receiving Email?
  224. A problem with the Store section of the FK website
  225. A Visit to Freedom Kilts
  226. Would there be any interest - Quebec Tartan in 16oz
  227. Clipped Straps
  228. Kilted hottie of the week of sept 6 ")
  229. Kilt hose on a CSM
  230. Hose question
  231. WWI centenary celebrations
  232. Custom-made bags and totes
  233. Did someone ask about kilts in cold weather?
  234. Kilt hose excellent service
  235. Hunter Sporran and Belt
  236. In Victoria this Summer
  237. Question about the Fit of the kilt cut jacket
  238. So, just what is a Contemporary Kilt?
  239. Claret hose :)
  240. CSM... box
  241. Always nice to stop in
  242. A peek inside a very common Traditional kilt
  243. Well folks, it's official
  244. Thank you Steve!!!
  245. Freedom Kilt sale of remaining stock
  246. Does nyone have pictures of a Freedom Kilt with pockets?
  247. Freedom "contemporary" versus "traditional" fit ...

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