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  1. A Kilt Night with Hamish
  2. Tartan Day at Ardenwood/Campbell Games Ball
  3. Nor Cal "Try the Caber" afternoon
  4. So Cal XMarkers, SCHool is in session!!
  5. Nor Cal Rabble April Kilt Night at the Tied House Sat April 18th!
  6. Livermore Games BBQ at Farlander's
  7. San Diego Highland Games June 27 & 28
  8. Saturrday Night get-together during Woodland Games
  9. Battlefield Band at great San Diego venue, 11/6/09
  10. Camping with the Nor Cal Rabble?
  11. SF Whisky Tasting Weds. May 27th
  12. Monterey Highland Games
  13. Avast! The Nor Cal Rabble’s raising the Jolly Roger on June 20th!
  14. New to Southern Cal.
  15. Kilt Nite in So. Cal.
  16. Tentative "Try the Heavy Events" Day
  17. Need help in wine country!
  18. Celtic Nights
  19. Wear your kilt to a State Park for Father's Day
  20. Santa Cruz Scottish Festival
  21. Celtic Night @ Ye Olde Royal Oak Pub
  22. Dunsmuir House Games: Nor Cal Rabble
  23. Kilt Night in Palm Desert
  24. whiskey tasting, they pay
  25. Celtic Night @ Ye Olde Royal Oak Pub
  26. Celtic Night @ Ye Olde Royal Oak Pub
  27. Bakersfield?
  28. Santa Cruz Games: Sat October 3rd
  29. Throw Parties
  30. Nor-Cal rabble BBQ in Pacifica
  31. Pirate Night @ The Pub
  32. Celtic Night
  33. Ceilidh for Isle of Skye shinty club
  34. Celtic Night @ Ye Olde Royal Oak Pub
  35. Celtic Night
  36. Celtic Woman concert, Palm Springs
  37. Farlander's Birthday Dinner
  38. Kilt night info for palm desert!
  39. A formal evening for the Nor Cal Rabble!
  40. San Francisco Whiskey Tasting
  41. Bay Area Kilt Night Oct 31 or Nov 1?
  42. Tailor/Seamstress in San Francisco?
  43. Games were fun
  44. Celtic Nights
  45. Long Beach Visit
  46. PalmSpring Kilties
  47. GDubs band in Fairfax, Dec. 4th
  48. Kilted Camping in Calistoga?
  49. What to do in Palm Spring
  50. Kilted in the Land of Botox, fake tans and augmentation
  51. Palm Springs/Palm Desert Kilt Night
  52. 4th Annual Nor Cal Rabble Burns Night Supper
  53. Bourbon and Branch Beverage Academy Class
  54. Queen Mary Games
  55. Scotsman's Ball 3/06/10, Long Beach CA
  56. Burns Night 2010
  57. going to be in SF 29 Jan to 1 Feb
  58. Need to rent an Argyll jacket and vest for Burns night!
  59. Nor Cal Rabble Kilt Night
  60. A Wild Haggis For the Rabble
  61. Nor Cal Highland Games Cancelled
  62. I got an education
  63. Kilted Chantey Sing
  64. tickets to Queen Mary games
  65. Bakersfield kilt night 1916, Whiskey Galore, Haystack Racket
  66. Kilted Meet-up at Buffalo Bill's
  67. L.A. Irish Fair?
  68. March schooligans meet
  69. Sonora Celtic Faire
  70. Sonora Celtic Faire
  71. Solas in Berkeley
  72. Tartan Day Picnic in Sacramento
  73. Ardenwood Tartan Day Scottish Fair (and Games?)
  74. SCHooligans April Kilt Night
  75. Sacramento (Woodland) Games 4/24-4/25
  76. Kilted Camping at Henry Coe 10-15-10?
  77. SCHooligan Kilt Night May 15, 2010
  78. Los Angeles Gathering?
  79. Whiskey Tasting
  80. June kilt nite
  81. SCHooligans June Kilt Night
  82. Kilt Night at Buffalo Bill's?
  83. Kilt Day/Oktoberfest/Mud Run!!
  84. Palm Desert, Oct. 16th
  85. Santa Cruz Games
  86. Palm Springs kilt night over Thanksgiving weekend?
  87. Fifth Annual NorCal Rabble Burns' Night Supper
  88. SCHooligans December Kilt Night
  89. Schooligans january kilt night
  90. Scotsman's Ball, Long Beach, March 5, 2011
  91. SCHooligans February kilt night
  92. SCHOOLIGANS March Kilt Night
  93. San Diego Tartan Day!!
  94. Schooligans april tartan day kilt night
  95. San Diego - Kilted Lunch with Drac, May 1
  96. Battlefield Band in San Diego Nov. 5 2011
  97. Nor Cal Rabble Meeting at Buffalo Bills
  98. NorCal Rabble Gathering at Monterey Games
  99. Dixon Scottish Games
  100. Schooligans september kilt night
  101. Pleasanton Highland Games
  102. Schooligans october kilt night
  103. Schooligans November Kilt Night
  104. Nor Cal Rabble's 6th Annual Burns Night Supper
  105. Sacramento Kilt night
  106. Southern California/Los Angeles Kilt Night
  107. Kilt Night in San Diego
  108. SF Bay Area kilt night
  109. San Francisco kilt (night) afternoon
  110. May kilt night in palm springs
  111. Tahoe Celtic Events in July?
  112. Saint ANdrew's Society of San Francisco 2012 Banquet and Ball
  113. Robert Burns Night Dinner in San Diego
  114. Nor Cal Rabble's 7th Annual Burns Night Supper
  115. Kilt night (day) Feb. 16 in San Francisco
  116. St. Andrew's Society Los Angeles, Tartan Day Dinner
  117. New Pub- Kilt Night, SF Bay Area
  118. Oct. 19 kilt night
  119. San Francisco get-together to meet Lama and his bride
  120. Burns supper
  121. Burns supper
  122. The 8th Annual Nor Cal Rabble Robert Burns Supper 01FEB14
  123. Kilt Nights in San Diego
  124. Robert Burn's Dinner / San Diego Scottish Rite Center
  125. SoCal Kilt night
  126. San Diego?
  127. Orange County CA Kilt and Drinks Night Thursday, August 18th, 2016 at The Olde Ship
  128. San Diego - again
  129. Interested in giving Scotland's Team sport a try? Are you near Alameda, California?
  130. Robert Burns Celebration in San Diego
  131. Ardenwood Tartan Day Scottish Faire, 7 April...
  132. Robert Burns Dinner in San Diego Saturday, February 2nd, 2019
  133. Hogmanay in Oakland @ The CommonWealth Cafe & Pub

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