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  1. Is this the place for The Great S.E.K.S. ?
  2. Savannah Highland Games
  3. Highland Games Training Partner
  4. The Scots in Early Georgia
  5. coming to Atl this weekend
  6. Scottish Night at the Ballpark, Savannah May 7
  7. Who's up for a kilt nite in savannah may 8th?
  8. Skye Highland Outfitters "Official" opening kilt night
  9. Enter the Haggis, May 10, Atlanta
  10. SEKS on May 23
  11. Calling all Kilted Rabble of the Coastal South (KROCS)
  12. Stray SOK in Georgia
  13. SEKS(Atlanta) Kilt Night
  14. Next Gathering?
  15. So what do you want?
  16. KROCS kilt night: Thurs 7/30, Molly's Downtown
  17. Attn KROCS: XMarks visitors in Sav 8/19 - 21
  18. Let's send Gil off in style
  19. Kennedy Kilt Nite November 7
  20. Any kilts in Madison?
  21. Time for a KROCS night?
  22. Dinner and a Dram; ATL 16 Oct
  23. Stores
  24. Conyers, GA Burns Supper
  25. SEKS kilties for Xmas Parade
  26. New British Pub In Valdosta... or SHOCK AND AWE!!!
  27. St. Pat's day 2010 meetup in savannah
  28. Conyers Burns Supper Photo
  29. Robert Burns Dinner this Saturday night in Athens
  30. Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy at Ferst Center in ATL
  31. St. Paddy's in Conyers
  32. Pipes and Pipes, a concert of music for bagpipes and pipe organ,
  33. Clan Kennedy Kilt Night
  34. Hailing all KROCS, Tartan Day is coming up!
  35. Savannah Scotticsh Games
  36. AC Festival and Highlands Games, Ringgold, Sept 4-5
  37. South Atlanta kilt night at Manchester Arms
  38. kilt night at Manchester Arms cancelled
  39. Kilt nite November 13, Roswell, metro Atlanta
  40. middle georgia
  41. Burns Supper in Conyers
  42. Conyers Burns Photos
  43. St. Paddy's in Conyers
  44. Kilt Night at the Harp in Roswell, GA Near Atlanta
  45. St paddy's day in savannah
  46. Scottish Heritage Day- FT King George, Darien FGA
  47. St. Paddy's Photos in Conyers
  48. Tartan Day at Celtic Tavern
  49. St. Andrew's Day
  50. Kilted in Roswell
  51. A nite for Great S.E.K.S.
  52. Conyers, GA Burns Supper
  53. St. Patrick's Day parade in Savannah
  54. Friday the 13th
  55. April 6th Savannah
  56. Dragon Con?
  57. Conyers Burns Supper 7th Annual
  58. Pub crawl(s) in savannah 3/15-3/17
  59. Lets Get Together!
  60. 8th Annual Burns Supper in Conyers
  61. Anyone else in the northern GA area?
  62. Atlanta area meetup
  63. January Atlanta Meetup
  64. Can't Do Burns Supper this Year (2016) Conyers, GA
  65. 10th Annual Burns Supper - Conyers, GA
  66. Atlanta Meetups
  67. February Kilt Night
  68. March Atlanta Kilt Night
  69. Atlanta Kilt Night for April
  70. Grainreaper is heading to Atlanta, GA. May 16-20 possible gathering?
  71. Anyone around for 40th Annual Savannah Games 2016?
  72. Grainreaper in Atlanta, a recap..
  73. July Atlanta Kilt Night
  74. JUNE Atlanta Kilt Night
  75. August Atl Kilt Night
  76. Sept Kilt Night in the ATL
  77. October ATL kilt night?
  78. November ATL meetup?
  79. December Atlanta Kilt Night?
  80. Burn Supper Night around Atlanta?
  81. Atlanta Kilt Night Planning
  82. Kilt Con Atlanta April 6
  83. May ATL Kilt Night!
  84. June Atlanta kilt night- time to celebrate the Battle of Bannockburn
  85. July Kilt Night in Atlanta
  86. August Atlanta kilt night?
  87. September Kilt Night
  88. Kilted Outing Opportunity
  89. Burns Supper
  90. February Atlanta Kilt Night
  91. Kilt Con 2018
  92. March Atlanta Kilt Night
  93. Atlanta - anybody up for a wee dram on Friday 4/27
  94. Atlanta
  95. Another kilted outing in Atlanta
  96. Sept 15, Atlanta Kilt Night!
  97. Nov/Dec get-togther/Grainreaper's return/St. Andrew's Day
  98. Burns Supper
  99. March 2nd Kilted Afternoon
  100. March 30 Atlanta Area/Marietta Kilt Night
  101. Atlanta guys, we need to get together for a pint when I get home from Scotland.
  102. Yankees in Georgia? Grainreaper returning to Atlanta
  103. I know itís early
  104. Burns Supper
  105. Any interest in an Atlanta area kilt night?
  106. Burns Supper?
  107. Burns Supper- Atlanta 2023

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