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  1. The Highland Wedding, 1780 by David Allen
  2. "Jacobite" garb
  3. THANKS for the new Forum
  4. Elizabethan bonnet
  5. Wastcoats and Jackets
  6. Glengarry's of old?
  7. Belted Plaid Advice
  8. World War 1 - Cameron Highlanders
  9. Reenactors Shoes
  10. outfit help?
  11. What Goes with the Great Kilt?
  12. WWII The Black Watch
  13. Retailer and product check
  14. Putting together a Jacobite impression
  15. Panache vs. The Great Kilt!
  16. Why, or how, did the kilt come about?
  17. World War 1 Highlanders in Color!
  18. To hat bow or Not to hat bow
  19. Highlanders in the French and Indian Wars
  20. Ren Fair
  21. Show us your "Great Kilt" (belted plaid) pictures
  22. Correct Patterns
  23. On Bodkins
  24. Why Fi---ling the back of th blade
  25. Period postcard
  26. Sporran tassels: the long and short of it
  27. Philabegs
  28. Any reenactment groups near Louisiana?
  29. 21st Battalion, Canada???
  30. Kilts... Napoleonic Period...?
  31. Look closely!
  32. A French gentleman's Jacobite Rosette
  33. Rosettes...are styles period specific?
  34. Inspiration
  35. Albert Racinet Illustrations
  36. The dress of Scottish mercenaries in Swedish service during the 30-years' war
  37. Double-breasted jackets?
  38. Sgian Dubh
  39. Is This Historical Highland Attire ?
  40. Calling all Harry Lauder fans
  41. King's African Rifles
  42. The Highlanders of Scotland
  43. Bonnie Charlie's clothes
  44. More Kilt History
  45. Dirk Belt
  46. Vintage kilt/fabric restoration
  47. This was recently photoed at Eilean Donan
  48. Question about the Great and Small
  49. Perils of youth-I may have trashed a treasure
  50. Time MacChine
  51. What did lowlanders wear?
  52. Early-To-Mid Victorian Highland Wear
  53. From "Normal" to "Formal" - the kilt's place as a Highland garment
  54. WWI Highlanders
  55. What dirk handle
  56. Inexpensive seemstress
  57. Looking for a book!
  58. Regency era Highland attire
  59. 1850s/1860s Highland attire
  60. Jacobite reenactment stuff on eBay
  61. A kilted California militia unit...
  62. Figure of Prince Bonnie
  63. primitive dirks
  64. Anyone Dealt with Pipe Band Uiforms.com?
  65. Scottish Company, Shanghai Volunteer Corps
  66. Brass Cantled Sporrans - Need Historical Guidance
  67. Boiled wool
  68. Highland footwear
  69. Early 19 Century kilt and doublet
  70. Great Kilt Question
  71. Great Kilt Beltloops Pics?
  72. Jacobite Sporran
  73. An officer's or Laird's Piper
  74. Original 79th New York Kilt & Sporran
  75. 1846 Dirk
  76. Looking for a Loudoun's Highlanders picture
  77. I am going to wreck it, I'm sure...so I need help!
  78. Who were the Zeughaus Highlanders
  79. What is the difference?
  80. Bonnets on or off?
  81. Saw these on Craigslist
  82. Macdonald Tartan found in Drummossie Moor
  83. Why is there no attempt to categorize and market these original tartans
  84. Kilted in the 1800's
  85. just some pictures
  86. just some pictures
  87. Traditional Joined Plaids
  88. Highland art in glasgow museum culloden
  89. Fdr
  90. Need advice on proper items to complete this...
  91. Need some help from our rather large knowledge base
  92. 1737 Household Valuation
  93. HOS revisited: 1860s Day Dress
  94. Jacobian style clothing
  95. A couple of early C18th Targes
  96. The original kilt style?
  97. Another interesting kilt
  98. Loudoun's Highlanders - US Research Help
  99. US or Confederate kilted units? Ever?
  100. The most expensive sporrans ever?
  101. Circa 1850's Cameron of Erracht Kilt
  102. Unknown Old Scotsman
  103. Where did the sporran come from?
  104. 18th Century kilt and sporran
  105. Advice needed fpr summer presentations!
  106. Early Gaelic Dress Guide
  107. Glengarry Question
  108. Modern tartans- historical tartans
  109. Carving Scottish Dirks
  110. Repro 18th C. Scottish Knife
  111. Historic fur choices on sporrans
  112. Can't find painting with awkward sporran Moved
  113. Museums with good collections of Highland attire?
  114. Amour Class Early Basket Hilt.
  115. White Cockade
  116. 19th Century outfit with Box Pleated kilt
  117. Looking for a high resolution version of this painting
  118. Odd 18th Century Dirk?
  119. Source of, "arrayed in a most warlike manner"?
  120. 17th Century Scottish garb
  121. Concept: Belted Plaid Relation to Leine?
  122. Civilian Spats
  123. 19th century shoes/footwear
  124. Belted plaid with a drawstring.
  125. Help on a Gordon Highlanders uniform
  126. Flat powder horns at JAS Townsend
  127. Sporran/dirk Positions-then and now
  128. Early Jacobit period womens shoes?
  129. penicuick sketches
  130. Got a new Belted plaid!
  131. Word pronounciation!
  132. 78th Highlander kit 1806
  133. 42 rhr kit
  134. 1760's 42nd kit
  135. Sub-Forum Descriptors
  136. Help needed finding a Jacobite style sporran
  137. 1860s sporrans: Highlanders of Scotland
  138. solid color great kilts
  139. Quasi-period leggin's
  140. What do scots use to carry around all their bits and peices!?
  141. Tying historical garters
  142. Dirk By-pieces--Side by side?
  143. Traditional - Red Deer? vs US deer/Elk leathers
  144. How Many Years in the Switch from Box to Knife Pleat?
  145. HanweiDirk
  146. WWII Kilts
  147. My first great kilt!
  148. History: Strap and Buckle Closures?
  149. Bound Edge Kilts
  150. Englishman invents the modern kilt?
  151. Great Kilt
  152. Regency Type Steel Buttons
  153. Looking for a photo....
  154. Regency Jacket Style
  155. How to tie garter ties with castellated hone?
  156. Great Kilt... which end is up?
  157. The real deal--buckles
  158. Napoleonic era 42nd Jacket
  159. "WHY" of modern kilts
  160. WWI Pleating
  161. A Vote for Wool
  162. Great Kilts... 1 belt or 2?
  163. Great Kilt worn as formal attire
  164. Wearing a basket-hilt claymore with kilt...
  165. Alexandria VA Highland group
  166. Kilts in the English Civil Wars/War of the Three Kingdoms
  167. Earliest use of brass-cantle sporrans?
  168. Doublets vs. Doublets
  169. Jacobite Wall Painting
  170. A Tale of Two Paintings
  171. 18th century hunting?
  172. Vest - White or black with Prince Charles
  173. khaki battledress kilts
  174. Pleating a Kilt
  175. Okay...Here's one out of the blue...NON-Scottish Historical Kilts...
  176. Repeat question on historical kilt
  177. Cameron of erracht military kilt
  178. Winterthur 1895-1900 Kilt, Jacket, Waistcoat, and Sporran
  179. buckle for a belted plaid
  180. Original Targe
  181. Odds Bodkins, what do you use to hold up the loose end of the great kilt.
  182. 18th c. Hose and weves.
  183. Making a sgian achlain (gesundhiet)
  184. What's this pouch?
  185. Black Watch Tartan reproduction run.
  186. Scotch Rifle Guards buckle
  187. Dickens Fair Garb
  188. 1803
  189. sgian achlais
  190. Rare Scottish Targe Auction - Really?
  191. Large Baggy Caubeen
  192. F&I highlander kit
  193. Jacobite Era Highland Bonnet sources
  194. A question.
  195. Feileadh Mor Help advice
  196. "The Well Dressed Edwardian Scot"
  197. Picture of "belt loops" please.
  198. Interesting Highland Jacket
  199. Footwear
  200. Thoughts on the MacGregor Drawstring Plaid
  201. Unusual Gordon Highlanders' sporran
  202. closed thread about wool vs acrilic
  203. Khaki Military Kilts
  204. Historical sporran
  205. Scots bonnets in the fur trade
  206. Historic tartan waistcoat... just finished sewing
  207. Historical Footwear Question
  208. HOS sporrans in the flesh
  209. Evolution of the modern kilt.
  210. How to don a Great Kilt - YouTube video
  211. Seen on FB today
  212. Invited to a 19th century ball
  213. Putting together an kit (84th Royal Highland Emigrants)
  214. Full Ball Brass Buttons
  215. Another Culloden Era Coat
  216. 5-lobe cantles c1860 America
  217. A Tale Of Two Kilties
  218. another curious photo for analysis
  219. Military Sweater with patches for a band
  220. Pipers' doublet wings
  221. Confederate tartan anachronisms
  222. A rather fine 19th Century Highland outfit
  223. Bonhams Sale - 79th Dirk and portrait
  224. Argylls piper uniforms
  225. Husband will wear the kilt!! (Historical advice?)
  226. Victorian ankle ghillies??
  227. Historic Kilt Laundering
  228. Waterloo era 92nd (Gordon Highlanders) Outfit
  229. The Great Kilt with More Modern Day/Evening Attire
  230. Tartan jackets/coats pre1800
  231. Help: Location of a 42nd Regimental Portrait?
  232. "Neo Jacobite" Look for a Wedding Gig
  233. The original sewn kilt style?
  234. Drawstring or drawstrings
  235. Drawstring or drawstrings
  236. is there a proper knot
  237. History and proper use of the kilt ribbon question
  238. Interesting late Victorian Boy's Outfit
  239. Wearing of tartan coats by 42nd Regt Pipers?
  240. An interesting early 19th century tartan coat
  241. 79th Foot square-toe spats
  242. Ind Coys reference. What were Blazons?
  243. Which Regiment?
  244. Evolution of the Modern Kilt
  245. HOS sporrans in the flesh (reprise)
  246. First use of kilt pins
  247. Some random old guys
  248. Different style of garters
  249. Very early tartan?
  250. A Highland Revival Era Kilt from a reuse Plaid
  251. Hello
  252. Two portraits by William Mosman
  253. Historical trews
  254. HOS sporrans in the flesh part 3
  255. Brooche or not
  256. Question on Belted Plaid
  257. Belted Plaid construction.
  258. Highland Revivial Knitted Trews
  259. Took the plunge
  260. 1790's Gordon Highlander's Box Pleat Kilt.
  261. An Early Highland Revival Coat
  262. A little Victorian fun
  263. For those who read about "Bill Millin" and wonder who he was...
  264. DIY 1790s fèileadh beag
  265. Leggings
  266. Highland DRESS use during Proscription
  267. Feileadh Mor tartan as camouflage?
  268. Jacobite Era Coat on display at NMS
  269. 1744 Trews Construction
  270. Plaid export
  271. Jacobite Kilt Wear Question
  272. Kilts in UK Army battle dress uniform
  273. George VI and Edward VIII
  274. Glasgow Celtic Society Uniform
  275. What's the story here?
  276. interesting Eagle sporran
  277. Vintage collection on Ebay
  278. 42nd Royal Highland Regiment
  279. Jackets and waistcoats
  280. Experiment with trad kilting
  281. More Victorian check tweed...
  282. Look into the past
  283. Bonnet or Tan o' Shanter
  284. FIDM Museum c1900 Highland outfit
  285. Wild and Majestic Exhibition
  286. upper flapped pockets on Argyll jackets
  287. Great Kilt Tartans
  288. The Great Kilt and Bodkins - circa 1750+/-
  289. What brooches do you prefer with a great kilt/fly plaid
  290. 17th Century Style Sporrans
  291. Are these tweed spats?
  292. Ribbon Cockades
  293. 1750s Garter Question
  294. unusual hose?
  295. origins of the black watch tartan
  296. origins of the right-hand fringe
  297. A bit of elbow grease
  298. Footwear in Highlanders of Scotland
  299. HLI Amalgamation
  300. 17th and 18th Century reproduction sporrans
  301. what hat is this?
  302. Highland Regiments footwear during the Great War
  303. Wearing the Feileadh Mor Great Kilt Belted Plaid
  304. Black Watch Purpose and Uniform 1725-1739?
  305. DRAWSTRING user pics
  306. Wright's Chieftain Paintings as Documents of Early Gaelic Dress.
  307. Black Watch officer's in the Boer war
  308. Great Kilt, Little kilt Historical information wanted
  309. Historical Great Kilt
  310. Review of a Highland Revival Waistcoat
  311. Tartan Outfit - Looking for a better image
  312. Castellated Hose
  313. group photo c1900
  314. Belted Kilt questions
  315. Sporran étiqueté

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