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  1. Thank You!
  2. 12th Illinois Infantry Regiment, USV
  3. John Stuart-Forbes, 7th US Cavalry
  4. "Leatherlungs"
  5. Ethnic Group Recognition in Nova Scotia
  6. Balanced treatment of Ulster history
  7. Bagpipes vs. Trombones
  8. Scottish Enlightenment Interests?
  9. Hebridean Emigration
  10. Hibernial dress, caledonial custom: A brief history of irish kilts & tartans
  11. A forgotten hero of Canada
  12. Scotland's Dining Heritage?
  13. Greatest Ever Scot
  14. Kilted "Regiment" at Reading Air Show
  15. Favorite Historical Highland Place?
  16. The Scots Have Influenced My Culture, What Do I Do?
  17. Jacobite Flag Raised by Angus Regiment at Culloden Goes on Display
  18. Rory Bremner and the Fighting Scots
  19. Information on Kilts
  20. Lt.-Col. Macpherson and Clan Chattan Diaspora
  21. Thirteen Moons
  22. Interesting 1773 Description of Kilt
  23. Historical Drummies' Question
  24. Castle Tioram Regiment
  25. Scottish Traditions
  26. The sgian as a weapon for fighting
  27. "Highland Regiment"...?
  28. New Scottish Military Site
  29. Scotland & the Wider World ~ Podcasts
  30. Lecture series in Vancouver
  31. I need info on the original 78th Highlanders
  32. What to include?
  33. Culloden Battlefield
  34. Rob Roy MacGregor's Sgian Dubh?
  35. The Viking Thing
  36. Celtic History??
  37. Vikings afraid of Scots?
  38. Baron Alvis of Lee
  39. Lochaber Axe
  40. MacGregor hospitality
  41. Scots colloquialisms
  42. History of Scotland series online
  43. The History of Scotland (full series)
  44. Finding myself through my ancestors...
  45. Am Baile Digital Library
  46. Irish Saffron Kilt
  47. Highland unit uniforms
  48. Derrick's The Image of Irelande (1581) & Irish Clothing
  49. Stone of Destiny on Netflix
  50. Robert Burns Birthplace Museum
  51. Good overview book on Jacobite uprising?
  52. Presentation to Girl Scouts, for your review.
  53. Inverness Castle-Flora MacDonald
  54. Dunollie House - Opens this summer
  55. How the Scots invented Canada - CBC podcast
  56. The Battle of Bannockburn.
  57. The History of Scotland Documentary
  58. Lowlander Sword?
  59. Superb Website
  60. BBC 2,Scotland's Clans, Clan Cameron?
  61. Castle question
  62. How accurate are the online tartan/clan locators?
  63. Please, enlighten me.
  64. Historical Targe Images?
  65. Medieval Castle in Arkansas???
  66. Remembering Scotland at War
  67. Born Fighting
  68. 266 Years Ago... Yesterday
  69. American Monarchist??
  70. Can I "officially" where the tartan
  71. The Cowboy and His Kilt
  72. An Infantry Officer with the Eighth Army
  73. Rab Wilson, a great Scottish bard in our midst. A review:
  74. 1865 Reproduction Riding Habit
  75. Not just another Confederate post...but
  76. Memorial Day: Remembering the Scottish Generals of the US War of Independence
  77. Looking For MacDonald History
  78. Scots day - Fort Ticonderoga
  79. my i.d
  80. Scots in South America
  81. Historic Districts of Scotland
  82. best Burns Quotes?: I'm doing Research for Burns' Night!
  83. Robert Burns Poetry
  84. Tower Guide
  85. Clan Maclellan or McClelland
  86. Scots men 'more manly than English or Welsh'
  87. who kilt who?
  88. World war 2 Black watch kilt
  89. Cladh Hallan Mummies
  90. Portrait of Lachlan Macpherson of Glentruim, Laird of Glentruim
  91. my visit to Culloden.
  92. Portrait of Sir James Duff, 5th Earl Fife
  93. scots' worldwide dispersion
  94. WW1 Cameron Highlanders Glengarry.....
  95. Evilbay find.
  96. Bhc
  97. King Robert the Bruce
  98. Certificate of Irish Heritage
  99. Edwardian Sporran
  100. Swords
  101. Where do I start!!!
  102. Argyll Colony
  103. Non-Scot is Gaelic Bard for first time
  104. Need help finding the correct tartan, please.
  105. Finding my heritage.
  106. Clan Mackintosh of North America annual brunch
  107. Last of the Highland Brigade
  108. 79th New York Veterans
  109. Thomas Douglas, 5th Earl of Selkirk
  110. History question
  111. Tartan in the mid to late victorian era
  112. Capt. David Gregg & David MacGregor
  113. Clan Munro
  114. Middle TN Scots
  115. Traditional Healing Methods
  116. FSA (Scot)
  117. Clan MacMutt
  118. BBC Radio 4 - In Our Time
  119. Help with Royal Scots Badges(?) Identification
  120. "History of Scotland" kaput
  121. Argentina
  122. Clan Barclay: Yet Another Scottish Influence on America
  123. Loyalists in the Revolutionary War
  124. A proper address to the Haggis....
  125. Glencoe Massacre ceremony
  126. Deciding to stick with one clan
  127. Kilties in the Zulu Wars?
  128. Culloden/'45 film?
  129. Kilts in WWI
  130. The Kilt's use in Irish Nationalism
  131. Clans Fraser & Fraser of Lovat
  132. Kilts and Cyclists
  133. Murray/Blackwatch. Why so similar.?
  134. Scotland's National Attire
  135. St. Patrick's Day Blue???
  136. History of immigration between Ulster and Caithness
  137. Help needed - Royal Aberdeenshire Highlanders tartan
  138. Scottish and Irish Military
  139. Historical Plain Dress with the Kilt?
  140. WWI Canadian Highlander Question
  141. Highlander Kilts, 7 Years War, Ohio Valley (Osprey Book)
  142. Interesting book, "The Victorians and Edwardians at Play"
  143. Captain Cuninghame 42nd Royal Highland Regiment
  144. Info needed on Murder of Glencoe
  145. Jacobite sanctions to be lifted?
  146. Scottish Pirates?
  147. 78th Highlanders and The Battle of Jersey
  148. Kilts in the old west
  149. Kilts and Falconry
  150. How do I find out the clan?
  151. Assistance requested from the Historians amongst the Rabble!
  152. rite of passage
  153. Visit to scotland
  154. New Disarming Act
  155. Laying Down Of The Black Watch & 1/51 Colours
  156. Trying to find info about a painting
  157. Exhibition of Tartan Portraits
  158. Kilts in WW1
  159. Black Watch Regimental History
  160. Chief Walking Stick...
  161. new scottish DNA study
  162. Late-Medieval Aristocratic Landownership in Shetland and the "The lords of Norroway"
  163. Scottish man dies, taking town's dialect with him
  164. British Newspapers
  165. Canadian Scottish Regiment Centennial Parade
  166. Regional association with jacket cuff styles?
  167. St. Margaret of Scotland day!
  168. Need help with a novel
  169. ( Ogle ) Border Reiver ?
  170. Scottish Settlement of Darien, Georgia
  171. 1908 Scottish Postcard
  172. distinction between dress plaid and hunting plaid
  173. Buchanan's Regiment
  174. Robert Roy MacGregor
  175. 43rd (Highland) Regiment of Foot
  176. Scotland's Jews
  177. Welsh ancestry
  178. Question about kilts and freemasons
  179. The Highland Clans TV series
  180. In Search of Robert Burns
  181. Debateable Lands - In Search of the Border Reivers DVD
  182. Kirk, church, chapel?
  183. Pipes at a wake/funeral
  184. Canada Post releases stamp commemorating The Black Watch (RHR) of Canada
  185. Fergus I kilted image from 1792
  186. Question...from a newbie
  187. c1850 Cunningham sword on Antiques Roadshow
  188. Saint Patrick
  189. King Robert I
  190. One in ten Scots men descended from Picts
  191. The Highland Heart of North America
  192. The Battle of Glenshiel
  193. An interesting bit of kilt-related historical ephemera
  194. Giant Fiddle
  195. Scottish cuisine
  196. Battle of Flodden - 500th anniversary
  197. stirring clockwise?
  198. Scots Language Wikipedia
  199. Clan MacDonnell of Glengarry, Ontario 1812
  200. Help from Shaw's in Texas
  201. Carmichae l Collection goes online!
  202. Commonwealth of Nations
  203. The Blood is Strong Documentary
  204. Gaelic show about Cape from 70's
  205. Gaidhlig Psalms from the Isle of Lewis
  206. There's Gaelic in the fiddle and there's Gaelic in the pipes.
  207. A History of Scotland
  208. Gaelic Awareness Month
  209. For the historian of all things Scottish
  210. Gaelic culture on exhibit at Museum of Natural History
  211. My recent ancestral find
  212. " 'Amazingly rare' letter written by Robert the Bruce to Edward II found"
  213. Online Course?
  214. Bannockburn 2014
  215. Canada and the Scots
  216. Happy Birthday, Robert the Bruce!
  217. Scottish Clearances
  218. A little bit of historical help.
  219. Captain John MacDonald of Glenaladale
  220. Question for Americans please (re Scottish-American regiments??)
  221. Can anyone idenitify the regiment and/or city in this photo? (old)
  222. The Cape Breton Highlanders (for TowGuy and other relatives/interested members)
  223. Family History: Ulster Scottish Immigration to the U.S.A.
  224. Canada & The Scots: Memorial to Highlanders in Manitoba! :)
  225. Australian Memorial To Highland Emigrants from Clearances!
  226. Very interesting... Loyalist Highlanders in the American Rev. & Move to Canada
  227. Restoration of the Black Watch Cairn
  228. Duelling Bagpipes in PEI! :)
  229. Why Might A Clan NOT Have A Tartan?
  230. Looking for information about a clan chief.
  231. A Friend of the Family and her Tartan
  232. Dicing on bonnets
  233. Any Houstons from Scotland ? I need help!
  234. Scottish and Native American pictures
  235. Stephens as a Sept of Mactavish
  236. Black Watch in DC 1963
  237. Scot ancestors, either Canadian military or Scot?
  238. Jacobite Exhibition in York
  239. New member - St. Andrews Society of Albany NY
  240. Unusual kilt and outfit - GGG-Grandpa
  241. Three Highland Officers circa 1901-1906,
  242. Charge of the London Scottish
  243. Clann Iain Abrach: A Film and a Documentary
  244. The Stuarts
  245. Kilts and Covenanters
  246. Scotish Christmas Tree
  247. A Thread of History
  248. Lost Bonnie Prince Charlie portrait found in Scotland
  249. Unknown Hunting Scene
  250. On this day: Highland clearances began
  251. Dustman saves 5,000 rare First World War photos from rubbish dumps
  252. 96 years ago today: 6th Battalion Gordon Highlanders in France
  253. 96 years ago today: wounded Jock and others at Gézaincourt
  254. Culloden anniversary
  255. they did it ....woooohoooo
  256. Use of the term "the Younger"
  257. Quest for Quaich knowledge
  258. Lord Lovat
  259. Light-hearted South African Highlanders in WW1
  260. Interesting Photo on that auction website
  261. 96 years ago today: Highlanders at a ruined shrine near Sailly-Labourse, France
  262. J&R Glen - Just before Closing
  263. Sounds familiar
  264. On this day in Scottish history
  265. 96 years ago: 14 June 1918 Royal Highlanders at Arras, France
  266. Canadian Pipers at Mons, Belgium 1917
  267. 98 Years Ago Today: the London Scottish marching on the Doullens-Amiens Road.
  268. 98 Years Later: Memorial to be held for McCrae's battalion on anniversary of Somme
  269. Highland Regiment Uniforms When Deployed...Then And Now
  270. Highlanders' Territorials
  271. OLD sporran how old ?
  272. "Piece of Bonnie Prince Charlie's Tartan and Jacobite Ring on Auction"
  273. Evolution of Scottish National Dress in vintage catalog illustrations
  274. Inverness Kilt Society
  275. On this day in Scottish history (Aug. 23)
  276. Two Canadian pipers, two different stories
  277. My Scottish Ancestry
  278. Gordon Highlanders WWI
  279. Culloden Homecoming: A Celebration Of Highland Culture
  280. Today in Stewart/Stuart history...
  282. farby ACW bagpiper figurine
  283. Scottish clan map
  284. Major Duncan Campbell Black Watch of the Ghost story 1758 gets new headstone
  285. A question on my claim of Scottish Heritage.
  286. Great Estates of Scotland
  287. Here is an interesting auction
  288. Order for Glencoe massacre goes on display
  289. The average Scot and Clan association or affiliation.
  290. MacInnes crest/coat of arms tattoo
  291. Australian Highland Dress in 1898
  292. "F.P.H."? Mystery Highland soldier
  293. DNA can change everything
  294. A question on holding the bagpipes.
  295. By Appointment to the late King George V kilt
  296. Black Watch 'tombstone badge'
  297. Broadcloth in great kilts?
  298. Rome Italy 1944
  299. Great War Cauldbaums
  300. Culloden anniversary
  301. Lyon & Turnbull - Jacobite Sale 13 May
  302. The brave Highlanders
  303. "Military Officer's sporrans" on Ebay
  304. Ebay listing a tad off?
  305. Hadn't seen this ...
  306. who are the Gilnockie Highlanders?
  307. what battalion? (RRS)
  308. Tobacco Highlander - which regiment?
  309. military sporran challenge
  310. kids in Highland military uniforms
  311. more bogus Ebay "military officer's sporran" claims
  312. Tartan Advertisement
  313. Dunans Castle gift box
  314. Anyone recognize the regiment, of this piper?
  315. Boston Highlander, curious pair
  316. Thought provoking questions
  317. Interesting Collection in Melbourne Australia.
  318. Highland, Lowland, evolution?
  319. WWI Canadian Highland regimental photo
  320. Vintage Lawrie & Other Sporrans, Patent No 174,788, & W.E. Scott
  321. interesting 78th Highlanders photo
  322. Sad day in Scotland's history
  323. Penn York Highlanders
  324. what do you make of this sporran?
  325. Stone of Destiny a Lowlander?
  326. Outlander, s'more
  327. Battle of Culloden's 270th anniversary to be marked
  328. Argyle Hlders (B)?
  329. an old highland funeral
  330. Auld Dubrach
  331. Jacobite Living History - My Impression
  332. Kelly wearing MacDonald tartan
  333. Photo of piper in Crimean War
  334. A collection of books
  335. Scottish Highland Christmas Traditions and Holiday food.
  336. A kilted soldier's story.
  337. Welsh with Scottish history: Hen Ogledd and Bonedd Gwŷr y Gogledd
  338. R.R. McIan print question "The Feud"
  339. Cape Breton 1970's
  340. Bushyhead and Scotchie
  341. Anniversary of Collden + two Canadian re-enactors
  342. New(ish) theory about the battle of Culloden
  343. Anniversary of Culloden
  344. Anniversary of Culloden
  345. The 42nd Foot/Blackwatch at Fort Ticonderoga
  346. Blair history
  347. Art of Conflict
  348. Highlanders and the American Revolution.
  349. Where is this portrait?
  350. Sir Alexander Macdonald c1772 - an interesting outfit
  351. Robert Grant of Lurg
  352. An early Victorian outfit
  353. Range of Tartan and Historical Highland Dress
  354. Ubiquitous Sporran Anachronism
  355. "Outlander" from a HISTORICAL perspective.....
  356. WW1 Scottish doublet tunic - information wanted
  357. Feast of St. Margaret Traditions
  358. Anniversary of Glencoe, Febuary 13. 1692.
  359. Late 17th century portrait showing Highland Dress
  360. Diced Glengarry.
  361. Edward VII at Balmoral
  362. George V interesting kilt
  363. An extraordinary Highland Revival Coat
  364. Gathering of the Clans print
  365. Question from the NLATD.......
  366. let's look at vintage check tweed
  367. Slaves in America wearing tartan
  368. Online article about the Romans in Scotland
  369. Scots migrated to Arygll circa 500 AD - or was it the other way around?
  370. Royal Canadian Legion's Periodical
  371. Black Watch Pipers
  372. Need some help with Glencoe Research from thos who live in the Highlands
  373. Biography of DW Stewart, author of 'Old and Rare Scottish Tartans' (1893)
  374. Strathconas
  375. 273 Years Ago Today
  376. WW2 Action
  377. Isabella MacTavish Fraser wedding gown reconstruction
  378. another mislabelled Ebay photo
  379. To fellow pipers and British military history buffs.
  380. What is a Doublet?
  381. WW2 History and Piping connoiseurs
  382. Did Lowland Scots have a different look than the Highland Scots during the Regency Pe
  383. 6.5 yard box-pleated Cameron kilt
  384. New information re DW Stewart, author of Old and Rare Scottish Tartan's (1893)
  385. What's in a name
  386. Victorian Piper's Kit on Campaign: Boer War Zulu War, etc.
  387. June 6th
  388. The 5 Dominant Families Of Scotland
  389. RROS celebration
  390. Gaelic Language
  391. Minden Day
  392. ISO old photograghs: Alec MacMillan and G.S. McLennan
  393. Interesting youth pipers photo
  394. Royal Company of Archers
  395. Where can I find out about the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders during the Great War?
  396. Portraits and Photographs - Piper to the 2nd Marquess of Breadalbane
  397. P/M Tony Crease RIP
  398. P/m Crease follow up
  399. Jim McIntosh RIP
  400. the red hackle
  401. the Saffron Shirt
  402. The Highland Subaltern
  403. Happy Anniversary US Army Veterans
  404. Highland costume in world context
  405. post-WWII Scottish immigration to California
  406. Toronto police pipe band- 1912
  407. What is this dagger-like thing at the end of the sporran chain?
  408. 79th foot regiment uniform details?
  409. Origin and Evolution of "Day" sporrans
  410. Seaforth officers' shopping list
  411. Heritage Crafts Association
  412. Vintage military kilt cloth query
  413. 42nd highlander regiment double breasted doublet in Crimea.....
  414. Military Artwork Found
  415. Edmund Burt's Letters...
  416. Best place to get Haggis in the US?
  417. Gab about guga
  418. Regimental 'row' going into WWI trenches
  419. Pipers at Balmoral 2021
  420. Where do clan crests come from?
  421. Assaye parade
  422. British militaria
  423. Who made the Scottish people? series on Facebook
  424. Did highlanders 'trouserize' their kilts during the bans?
  425. New book
  426. Execution of William Wallace
  427. The Battle of Newburn, fought 382 years ago on Aug 28, 1640
  428. Sporran Question
  429. Bagpipes used to be classified as weapons of war, and that led to a modern twist
  430. Remote Scottish village in Upstate New York
  431. Antique / Vintage Sporran Question
  432. interesting Gaelic child's sporran
  433. Button Shape
  434. Jacobite shirt origins?

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