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  1. A comfortable, easy-to-use thimble
  2. the stabilizer inside a kilt
  3. Pleating challenges #1: dealing with a too-wide central stripe
  4. Pleating challenge #2: difficult tartans to pleat to the stripe
  5. A few thoughts on pleating to the stripe
  6. Tips and tricks: Properly shaping the top of a kilt
  7. the little bits of hem in a properly-made kilt
  8. Solution for an ugly tuck-in selvedge
  9. Cautionary tale about hemming a dress tartan
  10. Pleating challenge #3: pleating an asymmetric tartan
  11. Removing kilt basting: the ideal tool!!
  12. Moving buckles - how much is too much??
  13. Pressing systems
  14. Starting a kiltmaking business
  15. "Flash of color" in pleating to the stripe
  16. Different looks pleating to the stripe
  17. To pin or not to pin!
  18. Kingussie kilt in Hudson Bay tartan, with an aside on an alternative kilt for a woman
  19. Pleating challenges #4: simple look, complicated "insides"
  20. Another tartan with "flash"
  21. Pleating challenge #5: getting a precise pleating to the stripe
  22. Moving buckles to make a kilt smaller or larger
  23. Interesting weaving issue
  24. Question about sewing the waistband
  25. Pleat stitching for lefties - here's a method that works
  26. A question, Barb, on length of tartan needed.
  27. Kilt for a Highland Dancer
  28. Question Regarding Hemming a Kilt with a Join
  29. Question regarding a strange ripple
  30. The Art of Kiltmaking: Any change in the ebook policy?
  31. Question regarding making a Kilt when the Waist is larger than Hips
  32. Military Box Pleats
  33. Alterations Question
  34. Moving buckles to make a kilt smaller
  35. Making my first kilt
  36. Need help with pleat stiching
  37. Question about bias cut tartan waistcoats.
  38. Help with Droopy Apron
  39. Tips & tricks (Or, what I do differently from instructions in The Art of Kiltmaking)
  40. Question regarding a small kilt.

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