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  1. soldiers or posers?
  2. Full Dress with canteens
  3. Unhappy choice
  4. switching to this forum?
  5. Feather bonnet identification
  6. Intersting MacKenzie Kilt
  7. 6th Seaforth Highlanders 1916
  8. Crimean War era barrel pleated kilt
  9. WWI Seaforth's Kilt - Interesting fastening
  10. Uniform of Scots Greys and Scots Dragoon Guards.
  11. Uniform of the Rothesay and Caithness fencibles
  12. Original 92nd Kilt c1815
  13. 16th Battalion (Canadian Scottish) looking for info on old photo
  14. Seaforth Highlanders
  15. Kilts, Highlanders at Dunkirk
  16. Rembering Paschendaele
  17. Feather bonnet age?
  18. Need Some Assistance
  19. Personalised American Civil War Uniform
  20. military cantle-swapping
  21. Help identifying a Regiment please
  22. bogus military sporrans on Ebay
  23. WW1 photos
  24. MacKintosh of MacKintosh, 23rd Chief - Which regiment?
  25. gravity-defying tassels
  26. General service / list - what's that all about?
  27. A Discovery in the Attic... 17 years ago
  28. Single seam trews
  29. Maclean Kilties pleats
  30. WW1 42nd Issue
  31. buyer beware Ebay listing
  32. Military hair sporran strap colour?
  33. Passing of Lance Corporal Cruachan III
  34. Glengarry mourning ribbon?
  35. An Officer's Kit = WW I
  36. LOL Ebay photo description
  37. Determining vintage of kilt hose
  38. Ebay not quite what it claims
  39. Dating a military kilt
  40. Royal Scots Dragoon Guards receive UN Cyprus Medals.
  41. pipers of the lost Highland regiments
  42. Toorie & Ribbos of Bonnet
  43. WW1 surplus in WW2?
  44. 48th Highlanders kilt?
  45. Army Pipers' Uniform RRS
  46. the end of the Gordon Highlanders
  47. Sgt bill speakman vc
  48. Argylls sporran w extras
  49. Colorized photo
  50. sad trimmed Seaforths sporran
  51. Argylls Sr Sgt sporrans
  52. Khaki Kilt Apron
  53. Liverpool Scottish, some interesting images
  54. Reenactor tartans
  55. QOCH of Canada Officer's uniform on Ebay
  56. PM Stuart Samson Gordon Highlanders
  57. Military kilt sizes
  58. London Scottish kilt question
  59. 71st Regiment of Foot (Fraser's Highlanders) action in Savannah, Georgia
  60. Highlanders in the French and Indian war
  61. Movie: They Shall Not Grow Old
  62. Red Hackle Day January 5th
  63. more Ebay misinformation
  64. incorrect "military spec" kilt
  65. some of these things are not like the others
  66. another odd Ebay military sporran
  67. End of 2SCOTS pipers' Antecedent Dress?
  68. Gordon piper Royal Stewart?
  69. interesting Seaforth sporran?
  70. Bear skin cockade?
  71. 1900 Seaforth kilt, plaid, hosetops
  72. Army pipers uniform, RRS (part 2)
  73. strange Nicoll Bros military sporran
  74. 1943 RS kilt looks civilian?
  75. WW1 World War One Canadian Day Sporran
  76. Gordon Highlanders sealskin sporran?
  77. 10th Seaforths uniform on Ebay?
  78. Tartan jackets in the Army
  79. 79th Cameron Highlanders of Canada
  80. Scottish Regiment/Tartan Identification (Picture)

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