I already have two kilts in my clan tartan: an Ancient Colquhoun 8-yard knife pleat (Lochcarron cloth), and a Reproduction Colquhoun 8-yard knife pleat (DC Dalgliesh cloth). They are both nice kilts in colour palettes I like. But I've always thought that I should own a kilt in Modern Colquhoun tartan with its dark colours. I'm not sure why I think I need one, except that it's an official version of the clan tartan, and probably the most recognised. It's the least exciting version to look at, and I really don't think it would ever excite me enough to want to wear it over the others ...unless I made something else about the kilt more interesting.

So on that note, I have been wondering what would make me want to wear a kilt in the Modern version of this tartan. I have developed an appreciation for high-rise military box pleated kilts (MBP). I have a QOH military kilt that I enjoy, but it's not my clan tartan. So why not get a kilt made that combines the two?

Normally I'm not one for dark tartan setts. The older regimental versions of Black Watch, Gordon, MacKenzie, etc., use blues and greens that are barely distinguishable from the black. The only colours that stand out are the white, red, or yellow stripes. And they pleat them very narrowly to these stripes. So using that same visual style, I would take the dark sett of Modern Colquhoun and pleat it to the central red stripe with typical narrow military box pleats. I would want to have it made just like the older regimental kilts with a 3" rise, double-prong buckles, and a green top band and hanger loops.

For comparison, here's my QOH kilt showing the pleating, straps, and green band.

I'd want to do a kilt just like that, but in Modern Colquhoun for a similar effect. It would have to be pleated to the central red stripe in the Colquhoun sett, I think, which would come off more like the Atholl Highlanders kilts. Here's Modern Colquhoun, with my poor attempt at showing the pleating and green band:

A few questions for you:

1. Who makes the darkest version of Modern Colquhoun in standard cloth (no custom weaves)? The image above is based on Lochcarron.
2. Who makes the largest sett? Military tartans tend to have huge setts, and I might like to use the largest one I can find, if it's dark enough.
3. Which kiltmakers offer traditional military box pleat kilts in non-military tartans?
4. Is there something I'm forgetting or misunderstanding about military kilts that wouldn't work here?
5. Is this a stupid idea?