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    11th May 09
    Heidelberg, Germany

    Red face New Kilt - question about kilt hose for large calves

    Hi, here comes my first question, hope this is the right sub-forum.
    When I bought my first kilt saturday, I hade some trouble with the kilt hose. I couldn't find even one pair that would fit my "soccer calves" (as my dad used to call them ;)). I could not pull them up far enough, as all hose available at the Kilts&More shop were seemingly without elastic thread. So I looked around online and couldn't find any kilt hose that mentions either elastic capabilities or maximum calf width.
    I looked today in a sports shop, but they only had long hose with logos on them (and adidas doesn't quite mix with kilts ;)).
    Any tips where I could order correct (kilt) hose online or in a store around Heidelberg that fits my prodigious calves?

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    27th January 05
    Jefferson, Georgia, USA
    Look for the Pipers hose from Gaelic Themes resellers or the Scottish Tartans Museum sells some full leg Lewis hose. Hamilton Dry Goods sells some decent hose for daily wear at about $8 /pr but I don't know if they ship internationally.

    My calves are 19" around and I have the same difficulty finding hose that will fit and look good. The Pipers hose are my preferred kilt hose. Costs range from about $30 to $50. Just make sure you are getting the ones marked 70% wool / 30% Nylon.

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    24th November 05
    Clodine, Texas
    I'll second the piper hose, I've been wearing some lately too. You might also try W.Brewin Co. http://stores.channeladvisor.com/wbsocks/Kilt%20Hose/
    Their hose are a little lighter weight than most, but are quite stretchy and reasonably priced.
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    7th April 05
    Frederick, Maryland, USA
    Quote Originally Posted by cavscout View Post
    the Scottish Tartans Museum sells some full leg Lewis hose.
    I can vouch that these are great hose. I have several pair.
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    7th May 07
    Chicago, Illinois, USA
    I have several pairs of the fully-fashioned Lewis Kilt hose from this page at the Scottish Tartan Museum website. You want the ones at the bottom of the page. These are made-to-measure, so they ask you to include the circumference of your calf with the order. I really like these.
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    11th May 09
    Heidelberg, Germany
    Damn - that quick reply widget doesn't seem to work - typed that reply 3 times
    Ok, here goes again:
    Thank you all for the great info.
    I have measured my calves and they are 48cm (aprox. 19") around.
    Would the kilt hose from W.Brewin Co. (http://stores.channeladvisor.com/wbsocks/Kilt%20Hose/ ) fit?
    The fully fashioned kilt hose from the Scottish Tartan Museum gift shop look great, if a bit pricey. But they have a delivery estimate of 4-8 weeks and I would like to get at least a pair for my upcoming birthday (scottish themed party ).
    I also mailed Hamilton Dry Goods and asked about international shipping.

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    29th December 07
    Here is a couple of suggestions
    1. These are "large" http://www.blackwatchkitshop.com/sho...products_id=65

    2. These should also "work" http://onlinemilitaria.net/shopexd.asp?id=983&bc=no


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    5th November 08
    Marion, NC
    Or you could commission one of the knittere here (myself included) to make you a custom-fit pair.

    When given a choice, most people will choose.


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    30th June 06
    Lotusland, Canada
    Contact Steve at Freedom Kilts and ask about the Heritage Hose. I also have 19" calves and these hose fit me great. They are a bit pricey ($68 CND) but he has them on hand.
    Gentleman of Substance

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    25th December 07
    Sacramento, CA
    I'm going to pipe up on something. I find the WB hose to be the cheapest, thinnest, uncomfortable hose out there. They are cheap in price though. I got a pair of the Lewis hose from Tartan Museum. I have 17 1/2 inch calves and they fit fine , and would fir your calf easily. They are almost 50 bucks, but you'll enjoy the quality and comfort, not to mention style hands down. I say stay away from WB unless you're on a budget.

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