There's a company in India called Replicaters (note the misspelt name) that is capable of making very good doublets. They're around $160-180 including shipping. If the fit isn't right you can send it back and they'll tailor it. Very good customer service and communication, as there's a guy there who writes good English.

But note that I said that Replicaters is capable of making very good doublets. I discovered that they're also capable of making strange doublets, with odd fit and/or odd detailing.

Their forte is replicating (as one might expect). A friend sent them an MOD doublet and they made an exact replica in his size. So it's best if you have something for them to copy. Often on Ebay you can buy, on the cheap, very nice old doublets which are in a very small size and/or motheaten. A doublet like that could be sent to Replicaters for replication in your own size.

Scottish-made full dress doublets are usually around $700 to $1000 and in the quality of their fit and detailing they're worth every penny.

There's a guy on Ebay, "Bugpiper", who sells MOD doublets regularly. These are in the very dark green called Archer Green. The largest size I've seen him ever have is 45.5" chest. Good luck if you wear 48" like me.

Beware of mutant doublets on Ebay!

I wrote a detailed article with that title which included many photos on the forum bobdunsire: photos of excellent Scottish-made doublets to serve as a guide to proper style and detail, and many photos of various Pakistani and Indian mutant doublets, some with bizarre features.

But anyhow here, as a guide to what real doublets should look like, is a fine doublet made by Thomas Gordon, Glasgow:

Don't get your doublet made too long! Real military doublets are rather high-waisted. They don't fit around your hips like jeans. Here's an actual military doublet being worn showing the high waist:

Sometimes the Pakistani/Indian doublet are made absurdly long: