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    This sticky is effective from 25th January 2015

    The “For Sale” section of the forum is intended for private sales of items owned by our members. It is not for businesses to advertise their products or link to products offered by businesses.

    1 A member may not post an item for sale until they have made 10 posts to the rest of the forum. To enforce this, the software has been updated to disallow new threads being started in this section by those who do not meet this qualification. They can still see threads and posts, however, and may reply to any existing threads and posts.

    2 Any item posted for sale must be, in some way, related to the topic of the forum, kilts. A Scottish connection is insufficient. If in doubt please contact the Moderators.

    3 Items my be offered for sale for a maximum of 60 days.

    4 If the price of an item is changed the seller should edit their original post.

    5 Sellers may 'bump' the post to remind others of the item only three times. Once after 15 days. once after 30 days, and finally once after 45 days. Creating a new post to change the price will be considered a bump.

    6 After 60 days posts will be deleted.

    7 No one may offer an item for sale here, that is also listed anywhere else. If an item is also listed on Ebay, Craigslist or any other commercial site it will be deleted here. If you decide to list on eBay please edit the post with NOW LISTED ON EBAY on the top line.

    8 As a courtesy to other members, an item that is sold, pending sale awaiting payment, or removed, the seller is responsible for amending their original post or bringing this to the attention of the Moderators by PM.

    9 As a courtesy to others, member comments should be relevant to the sale. Posts like "Wow, I like this" or "Sorry, too small/big for me" will be deleted.

    10 If a member is genuinely interested in an item posted for sale they should contact the seller using the Personal Message (PM) function of the forum.
    Last edited by McClef; 25th January 15 at 03:14 AM.
    [B][COLOR="Red"][SIZE="1"]Reverend Earl Trefor the Sublunary of Kesslington under Ox, Venerable Lord Trefor the Unhyphenated of Much Bottom, Sir Trefor the Corpulent of Leighton in the Bucket, Viscount Mcclef the Portable of Kirkby Overblow.

    Cymru, Yr Alban, Iwerddon, Cernyw, Ynys Manau a Lydaw am byth! Yng Nghiltiau Ynghyd!
    (Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Cornwall, Isle of Man and Brittany forever - united in the Kilts!)[/SIZE][/COLOR][/B]

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