I recently sorted through my neckties and identified some that I don't wear. I'm posting them here for sale or trade. I'd like to encourage others to go through their ties and do the same. If you have neckties (or bowties, jabots, cravats, anything of that nature) that you don't regularly wear, take some photos and post them. Let's see if any of us are interested in trading/swapping ties. We can make this a community tie-swap thread, for wheeling and dealing.

Personally, I'm interested in any ties that are 3" or less in width, any material, that might strike my fancy or suit my personal tastes. I prefer more conservative styles and colours, but I won't know if I like something until I see it. Post what you're willing to part with, and let's talk turkey! Feel free to trade amongst yourselves as well - it's not just about me.

If you're interested in any of these ties below, I can get you measurements (length, width) as well as maker marks, etc. Just let me know which one you're asking about by the number I've posted on it.