Hey all, I'm looking to expand my wardrobe with a new kilt or 2 (depending on price). Currently I wear mostly my tartan-ed UTKilt, an old Sports kilt and, when I'm feeling fancy, my Casual US Kilt. I don't love the hassle of wearing a sporran everyday, so in my day-to-day I tend to wear something with pockets (the UT or Sports Kilt). Still I love tartan and don't love the more modern material schemes (though I absolutely adore the designs over at skilt). I have thought about getting another UTKilt, but it isn't my favorite design and I'd like to mix things up a bit.

Particularly I'd like to find something with box pleats. The only modern kilts with box pleats I can find are the hybrid kilts which I'm not particularly fond of because of my distaste for solid colors.

Does anyone know where to find any modern, tartan box pleated kilts? Alternatively, does anyone have recommendations for sites that carry cool modern-style kilts? Thanks!