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    9th August 07
    Triad Area, North Carolina

    My First Box-pleated Kilt

    I found this poly/wool blend in a fabric store. It is similar to Stewart Black. I plan to make it a traditional box-pleated kilt. I expect to use Barb T's book for laying out the aprons and substitute box-pleats for knife pleats.

    I also plan to hem the selvage.

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    12th August 07
    Mansfield, Texas
    That's a pretty tartan.

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    9th August 07
    Triad Area, North Carolina
    Here it is FINALLY. It only took me a year to complete Between Scouting, work (my former job) and the wife I found that I kept putting it aside until recently. This has truly been a joy to complete and I am quite pleased with it. It has two buckles in a Matt Newsome style, no fringe, and I hemmed it (the selvidge just didn't look right). The sporran is from Stillwater. I ordered it a year ago when I ordered the buckles for the kilt. The belt I got from Lowes Home Improvement (it is a tool belt) and dyed it black.

    I don't know why this photo is sideways, I rotated it and resaved it in photobucket to show right side up.

    The Front.

    ... and the obligatory pleat shot.

    ... and the side shots.

    Critique welcome.

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    18th July 08
    Charlotte, NC
    Bravo! Looks great!
    When all is said and done....More is said than done.

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    31st August 08
    New Mexico
    Many is a word that only leaves you guessing.

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    20th May 07
    Madison, WI
    Very well done! I always get inspired when I see these DIY kilts (though unfortunately never enought to get off my fat butt and make one for myself).
    Clan Rose-Constant and True
    "I cut a stout blackthorn to banish ghosts and goblins; In a brand new pair of brogues to ramble o'er the bogs and frighten all the dogs " - D. K. Gavan

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    20th July 08
    30 17' North; 97 44' West
    That's looks great!
    So, how soon are you starting on the next one?
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    17th May 05

    Great Job

    You did a great job. I am sure You will get as much enjoyment wearing it as you did making it.

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    Not bad at all for your first selfmade kilt.

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    31st May 08
    Very nice look. Great job!

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