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    8th March 06
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    what the ups man brought me today

    ten yards of this:

    It's rather lighter than I'd hoped (about 7 oz per square yard), but for less than two bucks a yard, I'm no too disappointed.

    It's usual to pleat this to the white stripe?

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    10th December 06
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    I had my Royal Stewart kilt pleated to the yellow stripe, I've been told it is quite unique. Most Royal Stewart kilts I've seen are pleated to the sett. To give you an idea here is what mine looks like.

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    3rd January 08
    Illinois, USA
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    I was just thinking about the yellow stripe too Glenn. Looks like a very unique pleating pattern, I really like the looks of it.
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    3rd January 06
    Dorset, on the South coast of England
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    If the material is too light, use it double - have a selvage and a cut edge at the top and a fold at the bottom edge. Iron the folded fabric carefully on the inside and press in the lower fold before starting to pleat - just check the layers match up as you work - push a pin through against a vertical line and see that it emerges by the same vertical on the other side.

    If you have the cut edge a fraction lower than the selvage and at the back, as you pleat much of the raw edge is enclosed.

    Doubling up is a ploy often used to make stage costumes from lighter than period fabric, to make it move right.

    Anne the Pleater :ootd:

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    23rd August 08
    Displaced 3rd generation Californian now residing in the "old" State of Jefferson, USA
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    Great deal. Look forward to seeing the finished kilt.
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