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Rule #11 is still in effect. This definition of words has not changed the rule.

Rule #11(amended 7 May, 2015)
- This Forum limits any discussion, photos or links to weapons to our "Weapons as Kilt Accessories" section. Specific definitions of what may and may not be posted will be found as a notice in that section. To go directly to the Weapons section, please click here

If I may respectfully submit - Would it be that hard to take a couple of photos that focus on the topic you wish to illustrate, how you put your kilt on?

Well, yes, actually it would require me calling someone to come over to the house, and to photograph the process, or I could simply use a photo I already have to further a discussion. If following the rules means I have to inconvenience someone, then Im probably just going to PM a photo to someone vice contribute in a way that furthers the discussion for all who might view the thread.

I hope you do not think Im messing with you here, I really am trying to firmly establish my left and right limits so that you have less "Work" to do.