If you change your e-mail address or want to change your password for security purposes, this is how to edit the information we have on file for you.

If you look just above the forum advertisements that appear on every page, you will see a darker blue NavBar. Click on the User CP link and you will see a new page in your User Control Panel.

Click on the Edit Email & Password link and you will then see a page where you can edit these details.

You will be required to enter your current password in order to edit these details. Be sure to click Save Changes when you are finished with the edits.

We do recommend you change your password on a regular basis. You should be the only person that knows your password. If you have problems with a password, the forum admins can give you a temporary password, but we request that you enter the User CP and supply a new password at your earliest possible convenience. That will ensure that no one knows your password. While your password is stored in the database, it is not visible to anyone, so it is impossible for us to retrieve a password for you.