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    29th May 09
    Lebanon, ky

    How to get started

    Greetings, friends I've not yet met!

    Okay, I've looked at a dozen or so kilt sites, (in fact that's how I found this one), and the prices are nuts. I'm a boatbuilder by training, and that included sailmaking--that is to say I know my way around a sewing machine. Does anyone have patterns, fabrics, etc. to sell (cheap) or trade for a handmade kilt for themselves?? After all I'm 'spose to be frugal, roight? LOL

    Bob Mackay

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    24th February 06
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    Welcome to XMTS

    Your first best purchase towards making a kilt yourself is this book:


    One of the authors Barb T. is one of our honored members here on X Marks the Scot

    Fraiser and Kirkbright often have deals on certain fabrics on their website and ebay sometimes has some good finds for tartan cloth


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    Edmond Rostand

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    2nd October 04
    Page/Lake Powell, Arizona USA
    Welcome sailmaker,

    Indulge yourself. Save your spare change, pick up cans along the side of the road, donate blood for money, set your plastic on fire, buy a kilt.

    Owning and wearing a kilt will help you a lot in understanding kilts when you endeavor to make your own.

    Ol' Macdonald himself, a proud son of Skye and Cape Breton Island
    Lifetime Member STA. Two time winner of Utilikiltarian of the Month.
    "I'll have a kilt please, a nice hand sewn tartan, 16 ounce Strome. Oh, and a sporran on the side, with a strap please."

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    22nd March 09
    Savannah, GA USA
    I'll second Riverkilt... it was tough to pony up the money for a traditional 8 yd kilt, but it's going to outlast me, so in the end I look at it as a thrifty purchase. It makes sense that it would be a great thing to have on hand when it's time to make your own and you will want more kilts so you'll have plenty of reason to try your hand. Boy do I envy those with the skills to do it!!
    Welcome to the forum from Savannah, GA.
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    8th February 09
    Morongo Valley, Ca
    A Very Warm and Sunny Welcome from the High Desert of Southern California.

    Well you asked for it now, stand by to have more kilt information than your brain will hold.

    Order Of The Dandelion
    Life member of Clan Guthrie USA
    Proud to be a member of the Kilted Rabble

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    19th March 09
    Astatula Florida
    Welcome from Lake County, Central Florida!
    I don't believe the idea is to arrive in heaven in a well preserved body! But to slide in side ways,Kilt A' Fly'n! Scream'en "Mon Wha A Ride" Kilted Santas
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    Never mind how to get started. What I want to know is, how do you stop?

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    24th December 08
    Belding, Michigan,USA
    Welcome from Michigan

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    20th July 08
    30 17' North; 97 44' West
    from Texas! Good luck 'getting started.'

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    3rd December 07
    America's Hometown
    Hello and a warm Celtic from Boston, Massachusetts.
    Also check out the D.I.Y. Forum on this board. There is a sticky for the X-Kilt, with directions put together by a member of this forum, Alan H. This is a nice machine sewable kilt. Barb T's book is the bible of kiltmaking and reviewing. You should be able to put together a kilt rather easily with sail making skills on a sewing machine. It is a lot less material than putting together a mainsail for a reproduction schooner. Having grown up in rural New England, I am quite familiar with the farm equipment part as well.
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