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    Review of the Pubs/Bars in Downtown Fort Worth (Especially Paddy Reds)

    This is a review of the Pubs and bars in the Downtown area of Fort Worth that were visited the weekend of 21-22 Aug. The following bars were visited:
    Flying Saucer – 111 E Fourth Street - This is a wonderful bar that has multiple taps of a wide selection of beers. They are very kilt friendly and they have always treated me well. It is a wonderful adventure to drink their beers and find new ones that you might like. There is a dedicated smoking area out on the patio and balcony. 10/10
    Fox & Hound - 604 Main Street – This is where the “Pink Boxer” kilting happened awhile back. Another very kilt friendly location that has good atmosphere and drinks and food. They are a national chain but they are very receptive to having kilts and kilt parties there. There is not a dedicated smoking area though. 9.7/10
    Durty Murphy - 609 Houston Street – This is a very nice Irish Bar. Every time I have entered this establishment, I have been greeted and treated well. The bartenders and the doorman will have conversation with you at the drop of a hat if they are not otherwise occupied. They are a very kilt friendly establishment. It did not seem that smoking was available or it was so well handled it was not noticed. 10/10
    The Library - 611 Houston St – This is a huge bar!! It is always crowded and popular when I have been there. Seems to be a magnet for the younger crowd of all the bars I visited. The bar seems to be kilt tolerant, but not what I would consider friendly. It did not seem that smoking was available or it was so well handled it was not noticed. 9.5/10
    Rick O’Shae - 904 Houston St – This bar seems to be mostly empty every time I have been there but there does not seem to be a reason. Very nice and clean. No smoking seen. 9.4/10
    Paddy Red Irish Bar - 903 Throckmorton St – This is the worst bar I have ever been in. Bartenders seem to ignore me and the last time I was in there, they refused to serve me a non-alcoholic drink and said I was too drunk (a lie). They asked me to leave and said they had thrown me out the night before (a lie). When asked what I was wearing the night before, said I was wearing a Red/White kilt (another lie, I do not own a red/white kilt). This bar is very kilt-phobic and rude. ZERO/10
    I was so insulted with Paddy Reds that I ask that no one ever chose to make use of their pub and there be a general boycott of the location. Even when I came back 2hrs later, I was told I was still too drunk… My last drink had been, by this time 4hrs earlier. I had not a thing to drink of alcohol prior to 2hrs before entering their place and I did not drink any alcohol for the next 2hrs till I came back. So after I drank the last alcohol, I walked past at least 5 cops on bikes, and went into all the other bars prior and after my being thrown out of Paddy Red and NO ONE had any problems with me. When I explained what happened to some of the bartenders and door men along my route, they all said that they had heard that paddy Reds is not very friendly and that there was not grounds from any of their viewpoints to cause the problem that Paddy Reds had with me. The only explanation seems to be the one that they really do not like kilts. As that seems to be the most logical because it sure was not about the amount of alcohol I had in my blood.
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    I have friends that party a lot in Ft Worth. I'll ask and see if they have ever encountered similar experiences at Paddy Red.

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    Sorry I wimped out on Friday.... I was unable to finish my duty on Thursday and wound up in the ER with IV's pushing morphine. After about 5 hours...I didn't notice the back pain any more (imagine that...morphine is good)

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    A friend took me to Durty Murphy's a while ago, nice place.
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