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As mentioned in the Queens Own Highlanders Collection of Pipe Music:

"Pipers were officially recognised in Highland Regiments in 1854. A Pipe Major at 1/10d. per day and five pipers at 1/1d. per day were then authorised. The Pipe Major ranked as a Sergeant. Previously the appointment was a Regimental one, the Piper-Major and the pipers being borne against the establishment of drummers."

So yes pipers might well appear in regimental papers but as far as the British Army was concerned they were unofficial.

If the Monarch approves the raising of a Highland regiment, and in the warrant, signed by the King, is an authorization for 2 pipers, I think that is far from "unofficial." I don't think you can get much more official than that!

I realize that the papers I am gaining access to, they are not well known at all among even historians, let alone the public. They have been sitting in Kew for centuries, some of them have never been viewed in the whole time the National Archives have been in existence. I think this is a case of there is what actually happened, then there is "The truth" that everyone generally agrees on.