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<snip> For me,who will not be around to see it, I really hope that the kilt wearers of the future, with distant, or non Scots connections, will move on to new tartans and leave the clan tartans to the Scots.
I pulled this quote from the thread "Ponderings of an Ancient Scot," as it got me thinking about Canadian tartans. I own a Maple Leaf tartan kilt and have to say I feel more comfortable in it than my Douglas tartan; I love the colours of my Douglas but my meager connection to the clan (by marriage, on my mothers side) is less stirring than my national feelings for the Maple Leaf. Like many people who's families have been in the New World for a few generations, my blood is very mixed...

So I did some research about other Canadian tartans and there are a ton of them! All of the provinces/territories have tartans (most of them official), there are university tartans, city tartans, military/police tartans, and even a tartan for the lone, Canadian, major league baseball team. Many of these come in several different versions and there are also alternative unofficial iterations.

I'm going to post a whole bunch of images of these various tartans as a resource for my fellow Canucks (or anyone else) interested in them. I'll try to make each image clickable as a link to a page with info about the tartan. I'd also love to see pictures from the rabble who have kilts in any of them, so please post!

For discussion:
- Unfortunately, not all of these tartans are readily available and custom weaves can be prohibitively expensive... who has sources for kilts in any of these tartans?

- What is your favourite Canadian tartan?

- If you don't have kilt in a Canadian tartan, would you wear one? Why or why not?

First image: all the provinces/territories (except Nunavut) + the Maple Leaf. Interestingly, only the "Plaid du Québec" and the Maple Leaf are not officially recognized...