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    Need some help with Glencoe Research from thos who live in the Highlands

    As tomorrow will commemorated the 327th Anniversary of that tragic event in Scottish History, I would like to write a contemporary story on the event at Glencoe of remembrance. I am the Historian for the Clan Donald of the Mid-Atlantic, and enjoy very much researching and writing about Clan Donald history. My historical focus in this story is about Clan Donald, not just dates and facts, but about the our customs, everyday life, and those who are not the famous but lived without making the history books. In this case it is of the present remembering an event in the past, not really known about in the US.

    I am requesting local assistance, from Highlanders near Glencoe who have attended, are attending or can help me collect information, illustrations, and photographs, I am asking those who can provide their own experiences about the annual remembrance ceremony that takes place in the village of Glencoe village or properly called Carnoch and is known to locals. So many from Clan Donald in the United States will never be able to travel to Scotland. My initiative for this project to write for our Newsletter about the Massacre of Glencoe Remembrance Day. So much has been written on the history, political, historical, archeology, and so on, but little is written about the Scottish commemorating this day, and how Clan Donald, in Scotland view this day. Sure I understand that overall in Scottish History this is rather a footnote in Scottish History, but to our Clan Donald, this day is still one of importance. Again not really writing more but a paragraph about the actual event, but focusing on Glencoe today, the remembrance event, the views of Clan Campbell and Clan Donald today.

    What I really want to get to is in today's Scotland, how Clan Donald and Campbell still seem to harbor ill feelings. Do the Campbells participate in the ceremony in Glencoe? What is the modern perspective of the Campbells toward MacDonald, what are the feeling of MacDonalds to Campbells. Does this ill feeling still exist in a spiteful manner, or is their truly a reconciliation?

    My own experience here in the US, the MacDonald and Campbells joke with each other, in a humorus way, yet peel the skins of humor away and you will find vindictive and resentment from the MacDonald's and a feeling of superiority and degradation from the Campbells. This event, although small, still resonates feelings from 327 years ago. Sure I think both sides understand nobody today was there, and totally not responsible for their ancestors deeds, but to this day, even in the US this incident of 327 years ago still harbor strong feels about what happened to a point in some cases history was rewritten to their own clan's view.

    If anybody from Scotland or who attended this event can help me out, I especially would like photographs of the memorial, photos of the village, photos of St. Mary's Church, the actual ceremony, and of course the area this happened. I do not like to use photos on line as many have copywrites. Please let me know your name and I will give your credit.

    This story is ONLY meant for the Clan Donald Mid Atlantic Newsletter, NOT under any circumstances for sale nor am I under any contract or commission for this story. I am purely a volunteer who loves to research and write about our Clan Donald history.

    Please send me a private IM, so we can establish communications. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.
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    Allan Collin MacDonald III
    Grandfather - Clan Donald, MacDonald (Clanranald) /MacBride, Antigonish, NS, 1791
    Grandmother - Clan Chisholm of Strathglass, West River, Antigonish, 1803
    Scottish Roots: Knoidart, Inverness, Scotland, then to Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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    Let me first say that I am not a member of either Clan in question, nor have I ever been to the event and I live fairly locally. However, my comments are based on local comment and local reporting.

    I think generally, that more of this event is made by those outwith the immediate area of Glencoe and particularly those from outwith the shores of the UK. Yes a few(30/50)-----sometimes more sometimes less---- with direct connections to the event turn up to remember and a few bye-standers and a piper or two and a banner, but thats it.

    Inter-Clan feuds don't exist any more and haven't for probably the best part of three hundred years. Yes, we know bad things happened between Clan X and Clan Y and as massacres went the one at Glencoe was not out of the ordinary. Shady dealing and skullduggery was all part of those times and is actually quite unremarkable.

    Some of us these days within Scotland might be vaguely aware of these dastardly deeds, most probably are not. Although I well remember my father jokingly said to me as a teenager; "You can marry anyone you like , my boy-----as long as its not a Campbell." He didn't mean it----and I nearly did!

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    This picture of the well known sign that is on display at the Clachaig Inn at Glencoe perpetuates the idea of present day Clan MacDonald/Campbell feuding and is a very good tourist attraction and sells a lot of beer, but actually the sign has NOTHING to do with the massacre, or non existent present day Clan feuds in general. In fact, only a couple of years ago we were invited to a wedding of a MacDonald and a Campbell and a very happy affair it was. Thus far, I am glad to report that divorce proceedings are not on the cards.
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    Here’s a more detailed account of the history:



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