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    30th November 04
    Deansboro, NY

    An interesting example of pleating to stripe

    Hi folks

    I just finished a kilt for an XMarker in the Weathered Stewart Old Sett, and I thought it might make an interesting example of some of the issues that kiltmakers face in pleating kilts.

    If you look at the first picture below, your first impression might be that the tartan sett (the repeat) is about 7-8", because the dark brown block with the narrow red stripe is repeated every 7-8". But, if you look more closely, you'll see that the block to the right of each dark brown block is different from the one to the left of it (one is tan with gray stripes and one is gray with tan stripes). The kilt actually has only one full repeat across the front, from the center of the gray block on the left to the center of the gray block on the right. This is an example of an A-B-A-C type tartan (dark brown block, gray block, dark brown block, tan block).

    Anyway the sett here is 15". If you were to try to pleat this kilt to the sett, each pleat would be over 7" deep and would take up over 15" of tartan. If you had an 8-yard length, and 2 1/2 yards were used up in the apron, deep pleat, underapron, and inverted pleat, you'd have only 5 1/2 yards for pleats. 198" divided by 16" per pleat would give you only 12 pleats in the back of the kilt. That would be unacceptable.

    The only real alternative here is to pleat this tartan to the red stripe in the dark brown block, because that block is repeated twice per sett. That's what I've done for the kilt, and the rest of the photos show various views of how the front and the back look together.



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    27th October 06
    Snellville, Ga
    Wow Barb, that is stunning!
    "A veteran, whether active duty, retired, national guard or reserve, is someone who, at one point in his life, wrote a blank check made payable to "The United States of America", for an amount of "up to and including my life." That is honor, and there are way too many people in this country who no longer understand it." anon

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    15th March 07
    Gilbert, Arizona
    WOW Again Barb. That is VERY Nicely done! I really really like that tartan and how it turned out. It looks very sharp and extremely well done! I need to start practicing because i would love to be able to make kilts like that. Thank you for sharing and inspiring!
    Ayin McFye
    Member of the Sonoran Scotsmen
    Check out my website at [URL="www.sonoranscotsmen.com"]www.sonoranscotsmen.com[/URL]

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    14th December 05
    Coeur d Alene, ID
    I really appreciate your insights and observations Barb - each kilt you create is beautiful and your skills are simply amazing! Be sure to tell your husband the photos are also real works of art!
    Phil in Idaho

    "Walk Tall, Walk Straight, and Look the World Right in the Eye."
    That Great Celtic Philosopher Val Doonican

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    9th June 06
    Midland, TX
    AWESOME! That looks wonderful.

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    29th July 05
    Reston, Virginia, USA (Suburban Washington, DC)
    Wow. One of these days I've got to order a kilt from you. Do you have a website with pics of all the kilts you've made by chance? That would be nice to peruse.

    Ferret ad astra virtus

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    3rd January 05
    Detoit, Michigan USA
    You are a true a master!
    Paul Murray
    Kilted in Detroit! Now that's tough.... LOL

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    30th November 04
    Deansboro, NY
    Quote Originally Posted by starbkjrus View Post
    Wow. One of these days I've got to order a kilt from you. Do you have a website with pics of all the kilts you've made by chance? That would be nice to peruse.
    No, actually I don't have a web site. I get so much business by word of mouth and via this forum that I keep busy without advertising. Some day, maybe I'll have a site!


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    10th March 07
    Every time I see one of your kilts I am just hypnotized by the pleats. they are always bone straight and perfectly lined.
    One day I need to order a kilt from you.

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    25th September 04
    Victoria, BC, Canada 1123.6536.5321
    OK, I thought David was the photographer in the family. If David is in the pictures, who is behind the camera?
    First you take an interest in rocks and turn it into an endowed chair. Then you want to make a kilt and turn that into "The Master Herself". Now should we expect to see your name next to Ansel Adams in the history books?
    I think I'll just go hide under my bed.
    Steve Ashton
    Skype (webcam enabled) thewizardofbc
    I wear the kilt because:
    Swish + Swagger = Swoon.

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