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    21st December 05
    Hawick, Scotland

    Sma' Shot Day in Paisley 2011

    I arrived back at Glasgow Airport late on Friday night from the Canada Day exploits in London and stayed overnight in an airport hotel to participate in my home town of Paisley's annual festival Sma' Shot Day

    The festival commemorates a weavers' strike of 150 years ago which led to the mill owners agreeing to pay the weavers for the sma' shot, or thin thread which held together the delicate Paisley pattern shawls of the era.
    Three of my four grandparents came from Paisley weaver families so it was appropriate that I should wear my Paisley pattern kilt.
    Here the Paisley pattern kilt is seen against the Paisley tartan in Houston's kilt shop, photo taken by the great grandson of the founder of the business. The Paisley tartan was first woven by Robert Drennan in Paisley's Anchor Mill in 1952 and was adopted by Paisley Town Council as the town tartan and also by the Paisley family as their tartan. It was a comment here on xmarks in response to my photo of my heavyweight 8-yard Paisley tartan kilt which inspired me to commission a lightweight fun kilt in Paisley pattern.

    Beside the Paisley Pinks in the Paisley Heritage Garden in the courtyard of Sma' Shot Cottages. The Paisley weavers selectively bred their own strain of the Dianthus.

    Note that the flowerbeds in the Paisley Heritage Garden are laid out in Paisley pattern.

    Now it was time to meet up with the parade.
    The Cork is a large effigy of the wealthy mill owner. The parade starts at Brodie Park and marches to Paisley Abbey where The Cork is burned.

    The parade is led by the Charleston Drum.

    A few of the children in Victorian costume.

    This big fellow looks the part!

    The parade passes the South Clock in the Charleston District of Paisley. Both of my parents were raised within sight of this clock and I was born and lived my first three years within less than a quarter of a mile from this clock so this was a moment when my hairs stood on end as I felt proud to be a Paisley buddy.

    More of the children in Victorian costume.
    More to follow shortly.
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    21st December 05
    Hawick, Scotland

    The big Scotsman again

    More of the Victorian children

    The Pipe Band

    The parade arrives at the Wellington Bar where they will await while the Charleston Drummer drinks a well earned pint!

    The parade gets going again

    The band crosses the normally busy intersection with the town's inner ring road.

    The parade reaches Paisley Cross

    The Charleston Drummer at Paisley Cross.

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    21st December 05
    Hawick, Scotland

    The pipe band at Paisley Cross

    Note the combination of Dress Gordon tartan waistcoat with a Paisley pattern scarf.

    Concluding with a final shot as the big highlander arrives outside Paisley Abbey supported by his female fans!

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    3rd August 07
    New York City
    What, no shot of the bonfire?

    Great shots, Alex. It looks like your town really honors its past. And a terrific idea for a kilt! A fun kilt indeed.

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    25th August 06
    South Wales UK
    You always manage to find the good parades Alex!
    Reverend Earl Trefor the Sublunary of Kesslington under Ox, Venerable Lord Trefor the Unhyphenated of Much Bottom, Sir Trefor the Corpulent of Leighton in the Bucket, Viscount Mcclef the Portable of Kirkby Overblow.

    Cymru, Yr Alban, Iwerddon, Cernyw, Ynys Manau a Lydaw am byth! Yng Nghiltiau Ynghyd!
    (Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Cornwall, Isle of Man and Brittany forever - united in the Kilts!)

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    5th November 08
    Marion, NC
    Do they still weave the paisley-pattern cloth there? I have a couple of paisley ties that I'll never look at quite the same again.

    When given a choice, most people will choose.


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    7th February 11
    London, Canada
    Marvellous festival! Real history!
    Rev'd Father Bill White
    Parish priest, lover of God, people, dogs, joy, humour & clarity. Theologian, teacher, leader, administrator, philosopher, linguist, dreamer, traditionalist, bon-vivant, encourager of hearts & souls & firm believer in the value of dignity, decency, & duty.

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    Warm and wonderful thread, Alex. Thanks.

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    2nd October 04
    Page/Lake Powell, Arizona USA
    How cool that its like old home week for you.

    I used to have a bunch of Paisley neckties...but it was the 70s....long long ago.
    Ol' Macdonald himself, a proud son of Skye and Cape Breton Island
    Lifetime Member STA. Two time winner of Utilikiltarian of the Month.
    "I'll have a kilt please, a nice hand sewn tartan, 16 ounce Strome. Oh, and a sporran on the side, with a strap please."

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    26th January 05
    Western NC
    Reminds me of when I was in Paisley last fall. I got to tour the Sma' Shots cottages, and learn all about Paisley's weaving traditions. I also got a chance to stop in to Houston's and admire their wares. Ken MacDonald, the owner, is a bang-up nice fellow. I mentioned to him that I was looking for a silk Paisley tie and he made sure I left with one - plus a tartan tie in one of his own tartan designs, both of which were gifts. He refused to accept my money for them! I certainly had a great experience in Paisley, so thanks for the memories.
    Matthew A. C. Newsome, GTS
    Kiltmaker & Tartan Scholar
    US Distributor for House of Cheviot kilt hose
    Visit www.NewHouseHighland.com for custom kilts & knitwear.

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