It's been a bit since I've posted...

Here's the thing: I've had the usual run of questions about the kilt, what it means, aren't you cold/too hot/etc and the inevitable question. Got one the other day at work, wasn't even kilted; didn't make much of it 'cause it came from a coworker who has a "unique" sense of humor.

Got it again the other day from another coworker that I don't know all that well. Ah yes; get to the question!

"Do you shave your legs when you wear a kilt?" WHUUH-HUH??

My first response was, "No, why would I? The onliest time my leg (the right one) was ever shaved was for knee surgery in 1976."

Second one was a bit more difficult but essentially the same...

Send me a little feedback on this 'cause I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one of us that's heard that one. I just hadn't heard it before.