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    Kilted episode of Wagon Train

    I just watched this on MeTV (memorable entertainment). It featured clan McGregor , nobody wore sporrans, except while they were wearing coats. The bagpipe players didn't look very convincing either, I'm definitely not an expert on bagpipes but it looks like there isn't any air in them. In a nutshell the clan scared away a whole tribe of attacking Indians by playing their "evil" music. I guess the Indians were lucky it wasn't a Welsh regiment they ran into though, or it could have been a lot worse.

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    I've seen that episode on MeTV a couple of times now, and no, the pipers are not really piping. The bags are not filled, they are in the wrong position for playing, and their fingers don't come anywhere close to playing the tunes you hear. (One appears to be moving mostly his lower hand fingers and the other, while lifting and lowering the fingers on both hands, couldn't be playing the notes heard because fingers on BOTH hands were off the chanter at the same time.) Neither appeared to be blowing into the blowpipes.

    The picture you have of one of the pipers also shows his hands opposite the way most pipers play when the bag is under the left arm. Due to the reach needed, most pipers learn with the left hand fingering the top holes on the chanter, with the right hand on the lower holes. Not to say that it's wrong, just very unusual.

    There was also a demonstration of Scottish folk dancing at one point. (I think both a strathspey and a reel were played during the scene, but I don't know if the steps were correct to the music.)

    Several unfortunate Scottish stereotypes were portrayed: being miserly, combative at a look, hard drinking, etc.
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