OK, well I didn't sail 100 miles down the coat in my kilt, I wore foul weather gear. But for the Saturday Night dinner my skipper and I (He's a McKay) went to the Club kilted. After the dinner, George got out his pipes, I hauled out his wife's bodhran (with her permission) and we did a few tunes for the gathered. We'd actually misssed the race awards ceremony (that had been at noon) so this was just the Club Saturday Dinner with a few extra racers sprinkle din.

It was a hit!

So then on Sunday we went over to the stable where Georges wife, Gwen keeps her horse and watched the Watsonville airshow from the edge of the outdoor ring. We did a couple more tunes on pipes and bodhran, and answered a boatload of questions on the history of the Kilt, Scotland and so on. These were George's first public performances, aside from playing at home for friends on in solo piping competitions. I think he's hooked.

After a bit of that, we drive over to the airport and walked around looking at planes, both vintage and new. I got a few looks and overheard one woman telling her little boy "They're Scottish men", which works for me.

All in all, three unusual venues, one kilt on me an done on George, and lots of smiles!