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    27th October 06
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    A rather fun evening (disc golf while kilted)

    A couple of weeks ago, I took up the sport of disc golf. I figured it would be a good way to get out and get some exercise a couple of times a week. So yesterday when a friend called and wanted to go throw a round I agreed.

    Now for the fun part. I had also decided to wear my tank yesterday. Not wanting to change I simply added a pair of compression shorts and headed to the park.

    My friend was somewhat surprised to see me in it as were the majority of the folks on the course. As we were warming up quite a crowd gathered. I was told that the pleats were splaying out nicely as I was tossing practice drives. After 10 minutes or so we started making our way to the first tee. While waiting for our turn, a young couple asked if they could play with us. It turns out that he had been wanting a kilt for a while but could not convince his wife to allow him to buy one. This was his chance to show one in action and for the wife to see that 'real men wear kilts'! Throughout the evening I was peppered with questions from both the young man and his bride until towards the end she told him that it was ok for him to order one!

    I had a grand time and apparently so did the others in the park as we were constantly approached during the game. I will likely not wear it again though as it took me almost an hour longer to play the course because of the interruptions!

    (p.s. Sorry, not photos on this thread as I did not bring a camera!)
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    25th January 04
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    It's a fun sport, I got turned onto it in Hawaii.
    Here I am trying to make par. http://rkilts.com/discman%20in%20Hawaii.jpeg I was wearing a black leather kilt at the time...it was a blast

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    23rd August 08
    Displaced 3rd generation Californian now residing in the "old" State of Jefferson, USA
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    Maybe you are on to something. Instead of the usual kilt night, you could have a monthly kilted disc golf tournament.
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