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Here we go again...or so I thought.

Being a professional workplace trainer I get the opportunity to fly around Australia quite a bit. I recently flew from Adelaide to Melbourne in cold weather, it was a Friday evening and I was kilted.

I boarded the plane and sat in seat 2A, a elderly gentleman sat next to me and muttered to himself which I so happened to overhear "bloody hell".

I thought, here we go again.... We were quiet for a long period of time, I was exhausted having presented the whole day so really didn't want to talk so I didn't.

The urge for him was too great and after 20 minutes in the air he said, 'you look spectacular'. We chatted the rest of the way. Him reminiscing about the 'good ol' days' and me obliging and having felt guilty for not talking to him sooner.

My thoughts: shame on me for automatically thinking he was negative and the whole time all he wanted to do was live the dream. My perspective of myself has since been altered...in a positive light.
Great story. Thank you.