I'm currently reading The Art of Kiltmaking, by Barbara Tewksbury. I was happy to get it less then 48 hours after I ordered it from Amazon. Thanks to all who continue to recommend it.

In the hopes that I am not over-sharing, permit me a few background details.

After a decade of unsuccessful efforts to start a family, my amazing bride and I relocated to Las Vegas and were promptly surprised 10 months later by my son's arrival. 2 years on, as I am adjusting to my full time job of stay-at-home superdad, I found myself attempting to define what "family" and "heritage" mean to me, and what lessons I want to teach my son. With the limited assistance of Ancestry and Facebook, I traced my father's side to late 1700's Newfoundland, with relatives still in the same area. I can trace my mother's side to colonial Philadelphia. (Eagles fan for life, but I digress). I am currently waiting on DNA results from 23andme for anything more specific.

Kilts intrigue me. I remember men from childhood who wore the kilt to weddings and funerals. Full disclosure, they could have been Freemasons or Mummers, as both were present in my family, but I suspect there was also a heritage aspect. Either way, I want to know more.

As a hobbyist, I want to build a kilt and sporran. As the father of a toddler, my time table is undetermined. I have a standard UT kilt on the way. This was the compromise I made with myself. The price and turn around time on Amazon sold me. If the "bug bites", which I have a strong feeling it will, I plan to contact Rocky at USA Kilts for my first tartan. (Sucker for Philly)

And that's about it. Thanks again for having me.