Wore my new USA Kilts semi-traditional in the U.S. Navy tartan to work today in honor of Pearl Harbor. Privledged to know two men who were there and survived. One is still alive and kicking.

Photo was taken at work in the Board Room, but the indoor lights and the camera flash somehow blew away the thin red stripes and some of the color. As Verlyn said, its much prettier in person.

The light blue and dark blue go well together, its a handsome looking tartan for sure.

Wearing it with my new Stillwater leather Nightstalker sporran and navy blue Lewis kilt hose.

Also wore my Navy bridgecoat in the foul weather outside. For some reason the kilt length is perfect and the bridgecoat covers all of the kilt, nothing sticking out.

Still wanna try it with a pea coat and with my L.L. Bean Navy tartan shirt...tartan on tartan.