Coming to a Killington, VT near you August 1-4, 2008!

Website: The Pipers' Gathering
2008 Program: Coming Soon
Online registration: Register early for discounts

Featuring some of the finest alternate bagpipers in the world!

Border Pipes: Fin Moore

Scottish Smallpipes: Barry Shears (scholar, piper and author of Cape Breton); Dan Houghton (of the band Cantrip)

Northumbrian Smallpipes: Chris Ormston; Ian Lawther

Uilleann Pipes: Martin McCormack; Bill Ochs; Tom Creegan

French Pipes: Jean-Pierre Rasle

Featuring concerts both Saturday and Sunday nights, workshops, group and private lessons Saturday, Sunday and Monday, sessions, vendors, pipemakers. This is the one event any piping enthusiast should attend in North America each year. The thrust of this event is to expose people to non-highland pipes, but all (even highland pipes) are welcome!

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