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I must agree with you there - my oldest kilt was tailored for me in 1973. It was my only kilt for 26 years and, during that time, went through some pretty rough treatment. That kilt (Gunn, Ancient Colours, by Alex Scott of Aberdeen) is as good today as it was in 1973 - strangely, it still fits well (!), and it looks and behaves like it was made last year. Naturally, I have cared for it - but it's not been kept in cotton wool and acid-free tissue paper!!
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Wish I could say the same for my first kilt!

It was purchased in 1949, when the family descended on Mull to celebrate my Grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary. Sadly, it has shrunk mightily in the closet. As soon as one of my younger Grandsons reaches something approaching full growth, I intend to pass it on. (providing he is as skinny as I was at the time. . . . 29" waist.) My Eldest G-son is too large (6'-8" tall, 265 lbs)

I agree, a Kilt will last a lifetime.