Hi all-
Having been involved in the Scottish American scene since birth 39 years ago (My GOD...I'm almost 40!!), I have seen pretty much everything, everyone, and everything in-between. Since I've been a piper since the age of 8, as I progressed into my teens and frequently used my bagpipes to show off and let it be known what my "thing" was (Much to my neighbors angst). As a youth, I HATED wearing kilts..My mother would make me, and it was my bane in life!!! If I wasn't performing with my local pipe band, it was a serious battle for me to wear one. Of course that changed in my teens when I realized the attention it garnered ;-).
That being said, it seemed that people that knew me would give me things Scottish-Neighbors, friends, etc. I was an easy receptacle for those that wanted to rid their attic of a tartan blanket, or porcelain Scotty dog......you get the picture. One gift i received from someone who knew someone who knew someone was a pair of ANCIENT kilts. One Black Watch and One Cameron of Erract. They had been in someone's closet who's parents had emigrated from Scotland in the 40's and had been in the attic in a trunk that was never unpacked and were going to be thrown away. Mnd you this was in the mid-80's before eBAy and the internet. Someone knew of this kid in the neighborhood who might like them, thus they were given to me. I think I was about 16.

These kilts were OBVIOUSLY military. I remember them being of thick wool and I remember them being in REALLY bad shape. The Cameron was just to big for me, so I never wore it around, but the Black Watch was PERFECT. The Black Watch kilt had no straps and buckles. My mother actually tailored those on for me. It was AWESOME. It did have buttons on it that I assumed were for suspenders. OK-My point-One thing that struck me about this kilt was that the sett was large AND HAD NO BLUE in it. It was dark green with an olive green mix and black stripes. It was EXACTLY like the Black Watch sett, just with no blue. Anyway, I used this kilt as my "Trasher"-Going to a party, thats what I'd wear. Going into the Appalachians, thats what I'd wear. It got some good use.....Until my friend and I went to see the pogues. I let him wear my Cameron kilt, and sparing making this an even longer post, I'll just say that by the time the show was over, the rowdiness, beer, and fighting had left my kilt and the one of mine my friend was wearing in de-pleated shape. Ripped fabric, ripped fell.....Both were ruined. We ended up pulling over behind the Decatur Baptist church and throwing both into a dumpster........
As a vendor, I get to talk to a lot of really interesting people. I recounted this story in a conversation the other day to a caller while we talked about vintage kilts and such. I happened to mention the odd colors of the tartan and that some sort of fading must have happened. I called it a WW1 kilt, but after describing it with NO buckles and a green dominant sett, he said it was more likely a kilt from the Crimean conflict!!!!! OMG!!!!!! This kilt WAS NOT military box pleated, so I don't know if that debunks that theory, not have I been able to find a replica picture of the sett, except for a painting -


Its the 2ns pic -John 4th earl of densmor. The coloring of hiss sett on his belted plaid is EXACTLY the same color. My kilt was certainly tailored, but does anyone have any idea about the sett, or have any idea about the age of the kilt I trashed....Just wondering.