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    29th July 05
    Reston, Virginia, USA (Suburban Washington, DC)
    I have had the pleasure of sharing two Ferintosh Burns weekends with Hamish (among others). We also missed him on one other occaision as we had to leave for Edinburgh mere hours before Hamish arrived at Feritosh on his way to Oban for Howie Nicholsby's wedding.

    Tonight when I'm away from our company firewall I'll dig up some pics and post them here.

    Ferret ad astra virtus

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    5th August 08
    Lancashire, England
    My wife and I had a smashin' time at the Rumney Folk Festival in Cardiff last year. I was a great pleasure to meet Hamish there.

    Chas (MacLeod Hunting) , Me (Johnstone Modern), Derek (Welsh National) and Hamish (Bro Leon Breton) before hitting the town.

    Doublewood Dave (Hunting Stewart), Chas (Flower of Scotland), Hamish (Ancient Buchannan)and me (Bruce Modern).

    Hamish (Ancient Buchannan) and Mrs English Bloke (Australian National)

    Outside the folk festival. A nicer Bloke you couldn't wish to meet. Stay well Hamish.
    "Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts".
    Daniel Patrick Moynihan (March 16, 1927 March 26, 2003)

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    Although I have not had the distinct pleasure of meeting Hamish, we have enjoyed friendly exchanges here on xmarks over the last few years, and a finer gentleman will not be found. Anywhere.

    I do not beleive I will be betraying any confidences to say that I have also had the mixed emotion honor to be a private educational consultant for him regarding his recent medical issues, and can only hope I was helpful, reassuring, and comforting at the same time. Hamish, although we have not exchanged emails in a while know that my heart still goes out to you and that as a resource and friend I remain at the ever ready.

    And do know that we are all looking forward to the pics that will arise from the Centennial Hamish Bicknell tartan Tewksbury masterpiece kilt.

    Your friend,


    p.s. I will be attending my international society meeting in London next year in late May/early June, and usually take some days before and/or after the meeting to tour the locale, and would consider it a wonderful opportunity to meet the legend in person if the arrangements can be worked out mutually. I will keep you posted. We can do tea or lunch or whatever comes to mind..


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    23rd May 06
    Far NW Corner of Washington State, USA (48 45' 51.5808" N / -122 30' 36.6228" W)
    Like you Jeff, I have not had the honour (yet) of personally meeting Hamish, but when a few months ago I posted about my father's diagnosis of prostate cancer, Hamish took the time to post some encouraging words. I cannot express how much he touched my heart!

    I've always held great respect for Hamish, and wish him the speediest of recoveries. Hamish, you are always in my thoughts & prayers.

    Get well soon!
    T. E. ("TERRY") HOLMES
    proud descendant of the McReynolds/MacRanalds of Ulster & Keppoch, Somerled & Robert the Bruce.
    "Ah, here comes the Bold Highlander. No in his breeks but too proud to tug his forelock..." Rob Roy (1995)

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    2nd June 07
    Saginaw, Michigan-if you have a hand, you have a map-I'm in the web between thumb and finger
    After the Gathering my wife and I stopped in a pub on the Royal Mile for some great haggis (World's End?) if that isn't the proper name it was something like it. We were fortunate to be seated right next to Hamish and Jim. We had a wonderful conversation about many things. Hamish and Jim were extremely pleasant and were able to provide us with very useful information for the rest of our stay in Scotland. It was a most enjoyable chance encounter and a visit we'll long remember.

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    23rd January 04
    When Hamish and Dave came to the gathering in Vancouver, my son and I got to spend some time with them, including a delicious breakfast at ABC Country restaurant. Cub still talks about that meal fondly.
    Driving there, I was in the back seat of the van, directly behind Ham. I heard the phrase, "centre of the universe," and asked loudly, "did someone call me?"
    Without missing a beat, Ham spoke over his shoulder, "get in line, Junior!"
    Hamish is very personable, likable, and just a bit larger than life. He's also kind, gentle, and a good friend when you need one.
    Kilts are garments, not costumes!

    The MacBitseach Himself!

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