For those of us closer to Salt Lake the Utah Scots are hosting a burns night February 5, 2011 BYU - PROVO -

Place: Wilkinson Center, BYU.

Time: Silent Auction 6pm, with Dinner served at 7pm

Cost: Utah Scots Members $25
BYU Faculty, Staff, & Students $25
General Public $28/person

Menu: Especially Prepared Royal Scottish Highland & Lowland Traditional Faire, served Buffet

Master of Ceremonies: The Hon. Dodd Greer, of MacGregor, FSA Scot

Toast to The Haggis: The Hon. Eric Gilzean, of Edinburgh Castle

Burn's Poetry, Songs of the Bard, and Scottish Entertainment (Participants Welcome!)

Special Toast to the Ladies, and accompanying Toast to the Laddies

The fine evening will conclude with Burn's "Auld Lang Syne".

I have been to this one for the last couple of years with my sons and have enjoyed it.