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    1st August 11
    Villa Rica Georgia

    Re: The sporran strap issue.

    Great Idea , I too am a man of Substance and can Appreciate a good sporran
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    27th January 08
    Fayetteville, NC, USA

    Re: The sporran strap issue.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aspiringloser View Post
    No more worry of stuffing the sporran strap buckle under your belt.
    I didn't realize we were supposed to be concerned about that. Anyway, I like the concept too. Not sure how I feel about being locked in to a perforated belt design. Nevertheless, a pretty elegant solution, I must say.

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    26th January 05
    Western NC

    Re: The sporran strap issue.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aspiringloser View Post
    I like the design. I would think this would be nice to wear even by someone who isn't a gentleman of substance. No more worry of stuffing the sporran strap buckle under your belt. Pretty neat. I like it.
    Why would you need to stuff the sporran strap buckle under your belt? I've worn a kilt for nearly 20 years and I don't think I've done this once, or ever felt the need to.

    Back to the OP, I think Cowher's design is innovative and looks good. The one disadvantage I see is the same disadvantage that the sporran suspenders have - you cannot easily slide your sporran out of the way if needed. Other than that, looks great!

    I will also say that I have known gentlemen of substance to also address this problem simply by wearing their sporran straps fairly tight, a up a bit higher than usual, so that the sporran rests higher on the waist, and actually sits up on the belly rather than hanging down beneath it.

    Granted, that will probably work better for some body types than others, but it does seem to be an option that works for some.
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    6th February 10

    Re: The sporran strap issue.

    McRostie's of Glasgow can make sporran straps of any length, and to one's own specific measurments. They also offer them in a variety of brown colours, as well as black. They are made of high-quality bridle leather, and you have your choice of either a silver or brass buckle. I own several and they look great with my sporrans! They retail for around $55 US per strap after the exchange rate. I highly recommend them. They also make bespoke belts and offer bridle leather day sporrans. Jock's black day sporran is from McRostie's.

    Last edited by creagdhubh; 24th February 12 at 06:07 AM.

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    16th May 11
    Tupelo, MS

    Re: The sporran strap issue.

    Perhaps I'm doing it wrong then. Mine stays in place best if I stuck the strap under my belt. I suppose I could just rotate it 180 degrees so the strap is behind the sporran.
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    3rd March 10
    43*N 88*W

    Re: The sporran strap issue.

    A very inventive solution to be sure. I would be worried about the lack of ability to shift the sporran to one side, as Matt mentioned above.

    I tend to do this when dancing, driving or possibly sitting for long periods (or typing on my tablet without a table nearby).

    That said, if I had to choose between hangers and your strap idea, I'd definitely take yours.

    Last edited by artificer; 24th February 12 at 02:19 PM.
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    9th March 09
    Gardner MA USA

    Re: The sporran strap issue.

    Nice idea Matt. I slide mine to the left when I visit the loo. That would be the only difficulty. Good job!

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    1st August 11
    Romsey Nr Southampton UK

    Re: The sporran strap issue.

    I like the idea very much and as a GOS I can see the merits of such a design. However I also agree with Matt insofar that I tend to wear my sporran on a tighter strap with the weight of the sporran giving that 3 to 4 inches of drop from the bottom of the kilt belt. Any more than that and the sporran is tucked under my gut rather than resting on it.

    Hats off to you, for thinking of us bigger guys though.
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    2nd May 11
    East Kilbride, Scotland

    Re: The sporran strap issue.

    I too am a gentleman of substance and prefer to wear a full leather strap with my sporran. Like Chas, I wear the buckle to the side (not at my back) only difference being I wear it to my left side. I then hold this and use it as an anchor point when swinging my sporran to my right side when dancing with a lady or visiting the gents and on occasions when sitting (far more comfortable). Most Pipe Band drummers also swing their sporrans around to the right hip/buttock when playing. I never put my sporran strap through the belt loops of the kilt, the weight of the sporran in front generally holds it in place (once you have your flask and wallet in it).
    Last edited by Eck; 24th February 12 at 06:04 PM.

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    19th September 09
    New England, USA

    Re: The sporran strap issue.

    I will have to take a pic of the sporran slid out of the way. It works pretty nice. But a picture is worth a thousand words.

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