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I would opt for a sgian brew in this instance. I spent 30 years in Law enforcement and am not anti weapon in the least but I would not tempt fate.
I think that's a bad answer for many reasons.

There's several different bits of legislation that cover the original topic (ie. importation of and carrying of said weapons) in this thread which have been glossed over already.

Firstly before even coming into the UK then you would come across customs officials working under this guide: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/import-c...ensive-weapons

The sgian dubh and dirk are completely legal and will go through without being confiscated. The only problem would be with a curved blade over 50cm. A quick google into the laws reveals that the UK has introduced a ban on the importation of sword length weapons with curved blades, originally aimed at samurai swords but also covers sabers and so on. It sounds bizarre but claymores and broadswords and so on are still perfectly fine to bring into the UK, but I still wouldn't risk bringing any sword into a UK airport, particularly any outside of Scotland.

Secondly there is this UK law: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga...ensive-weapons
There is also a seperate scottish law which says mostly the same: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga...ensive-weapons

This is where the myth of "3.5 inches" that some people here believe is gospel comes from but it is completely incorrect. It doesn't apply to the sgian dubh at all, it only applies to folding pocket knives. The wearing of any weaponry is permitted as part of costume or national dress where appropriate. Obviously, if you wander about in a utility kilt with an armoury strapped to your side then you are breaking the law, but as part of a correct and proper national dress then a dirk and sgian would be fine. The wearing of any bladed article is completely based on context, not size.