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    A Gentle Reminder

    Dear Rabble,

    I am one of those who do not go to sub-forums to choose threads to read, I prefer to just view all of the new posts and read those that interest me.

    Therefore, this is just a gentle reminder that it's worthwhile for each of us to check to see which sub-forum threads and posts are in. Sub-forums that are dedicated to our Partners, and Advertisers are specifically an opportunity for those who pay fees to support our forum to explain and discuss their wares and thoughts and answer questions about their own goods or services.

    Threads posted there are not appropriate for discussion of "related" topics, off-topic discussions, or for argument about what it is that those Partners and Advertisers are, or should be, doing. It is appropriate to use those sub-forums to ask them questions about their wares or skills. Any discussions of similar wares should be held elsewhere.

    In this way, those paying members (and yes, they are still members like the rest of us even though they pay to advertise) have a chance to do a little advertising that the rest of us are not allowed under forum rules, to do and re-coup the cost of their fees to do so at the same time keep us all informed of products that we all like to consider. The rest of us don't do that because it wouldn't be fair to those paying Partners and Advertisers.

    In the same way for example, that we are wary of discussions of weaponry outside of the appropriate sub-forum, discussion of wares other than those of the Partners and Advertisers in their sections of X-Marks is something to avoid.

    A couple of other thoughts: In the same way that Advertisers and Partners are also members of X-Marks, some others of us have more than one function. For example, I am both a moderator and a member. Some things I do as a moderator. Others I do simply as a member. I'm posting this as a member, not a moderator, despite what some might think of my post. Steve is another example. He is a member. He is the forum owner. He is also a Partner through Freedom Kilts - a triple role. In that way, statements made by Partners and Advertisers about their wares are being made as Partners and Advertisers, not just as members, and are therefore supposed to be given a bit of different treatment than if they were made in the open forum.

    Finally, each thread and post on X-Marks is considered to belong to the Original Poster (OP) As the OP of this thread, I'm closing it, because what I don't want any discussion on this statement. It's just a statement of my opinion, and by the way, I can close it myself instead of requesting it be closed, because I happen to also be a moderator.


    Father Bill, speaking for himself only.
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    Rev'd Father Bill White: Retired Parish Priest & Elementary Headmaster, lover of God, people (most of them!) dogs, joy, humour & clarity. Legion Padre, theologian, teacher, philosopher, linguist, dreamer, traditionalist, bon-vivant, encourager of hearts & souls & a firm believer in dignity, decency, & duty. A proud Canadian Sinclair.

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