I am getting a kilt bought off eBay. I do not know how it was cared for by the original owner.

I do know it is wrinkled, I do know it was hand-stitched, also that it is of 8+ yards, and made of either 13 or 16oz wool from Lochcarron about 1997 I was able to chat with the kilt maker.

If it fits and is in good shape I will need to do at least some cleaning and ironing.

I have never even threaded a needle so basting is not an option for me personally and also I am very nervous about washing it. I want to be careful but I am afraid it should be really cleaned.

So I believe I should take it to the cleaners. Does anyone know about one in the Detroit metro area? I do know to tell them no pressing.

Also I am hoping, in ironing my kilt, I might just get away with the apron. I can do some basic ironing but again it's not my forte and am not confident. Is there a chance the weight and mill of the wool will help me out?

Any advice is helpful. I have read a bit about it but just hoping for some tips from the forum.