After many years of searching trying to solve a family history problem, this site has been suggested to me. l have 3 "impossible people" who do not appear to have much of a paper trail between them.

John Patrick Stringer, father of at least 2 boys, a carpenter by trade, d/o/b/ unknown, d/o/d believed to be circa 1953
Elder son "Jack" NOTHING else known
Dominic Michael d.o.b. 14/4/1919 or 1922, married Bridgetown Barbados 30/01/43, d.o.d 26/11/1986 Tower Hamlets, London. I have marriage and death certs for him. Dominic Michael may have been born in Eire. Dominic returned to Glasgow just once post war, in 1956 when he learned both his father and brother were dead. Dominic got very worried when his son wanted to travel to Glasgow to find out about his father's birth, saying that "They" would kill him but would not expand on that.

These men were in Maryhill area of Glasgow in 1920's and 1930's. Dominic was a bit wild and got into trouble with the police. "Jack" his brother helped him avoid the police. I believe this happened just pre war or possibly 1938

ANY information about any of these men would be extremely helpful