First off, thanks for the add! I'll try not to worry you all with questions while I make my first kilt using the book!

My first question is in regards to making pleats, I've tried several times to follow the step-by-step staring on page 72 and I keep on being a total failure.

I am doing a military pleat with an edge stripe as the center of the pleat. If I understand the instructions I measure 1/2 of the waist split off the center of the of the stripe and pin down the fabric. I then fold the fabric to the next pleat, and sew down the pleat with edge stitching, through the "top" pleat and into the second (bottom) pleat (through 4 layers of fabric. When I've done this and try to measure the next pleat, I can't make any adjustments to the pleat being created as I've sewn it down with the previous pleat.

What am I doing wrong? And sorry if this isn't clear, its hard to describe what it is I don't understand.



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