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The thing is whilst I was always slim & have proportionately long legs, short torso is definitely a description that could be applied to me & I don't remember the rize being quiet as extreme as you're saying & the Argyll's kilt I had was for a bigger man as I had to belt it to stop it slipping from the above the knee position. I would have said the rise was to under rib cage level but.nowhere near covering my shirt pocket.
Well, that's the thing: everybody is built differently. My natural waist is right in line with the bottom of my ribcage, and about an inch above my navel. When I say "short torso", that's really what I mean. Men with a higher natural waist will have more of a struggle with high-rise kilts than men whose natural waists are lower.

The pocket issue will vary from shirt to shirt. It's one of my pet peeves, that so many shirt makers put the silly pocket so low. It should be up on the chest, not down low on my belly. The dress shirt I'm wearing today, for example, has the top of the pocket below my nipple. That's too low! Coupling that with a high-rise kilt means they will interfere.