From March 10th-18th, we are bringing an exclusive, authentic Scottish kilt fitting experience to the heart of London. Our exclusive pop up kilt shop, at 32 Charlotte Road, Shoreditch, aims to bring a touch of Scottish Style to grooms, groomsmen or gents situated North of the border.

For almost 40 years, we have been expertly crafting kilts using traditional kilt making skills and techniques passed down and refined though generations of kiltmakers. Our attention to detail, unique craftsmanship and use of premium quality natural fibres produces beautifully woven distinct kilts and accessories which are worn across the globe.
With over 4,000 tartans, including our Exclusive Mist Range, you’ll be spoiled for choice when hiring or buying a kilt from MacGregor and MacDuff.

The MacGregor and MacDuff fitting service is professional and precise. Our expert staff are fully trained in not only measuring but providing the first-class customer service and will help you choice the perfect outfit.

To book your appointment or find out more you can visit our website in the below link or contact us here:

Tel: 0208 108 3659