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I store my horse hair sporran hanging in a closet, rather than laying down flat. I don't want the hair to develop a 'set' or any curls/waves from laying down for long periods.

Hair sporrans can be a bit of a pain when wearing, as the hairs will fly up or stick to the wool of the kilt, or get caught/tangled on things like kilt pins. Keeping them from being unruly (is "ruly" a word?) can be a challenge! But I do the same thing with my horse hair sporran as I do with my actual horse when I want his mane and tail to stay untangled: I rub in some Cowboy Magic detangler and brush it out. It's a life-saver when it comes to getting rid of nasty tangles and mud balls that horses can work into their manes and tails when they roll in the mud after a rainstorm. Once the mud hardens in there, you'll never get the tangles and twists out without cutting the hair ...unless you use something like Cowboy Magic that slicks the hair and makes it easy to pull the tangles out. By making the hair smooth and slick to the touch, it prevents it from getting tangled again, helps it swish better, minimizes any sticking to the wool, and helps the 'flyaway' stray hairs to lay down. Horse hair is horse hair, whether it's still on the horse or on your sporran. Just a little bit of Cowboy Magic rubbed on your hands ("a little dab'll do ya") and rubbed into the hair will make a world of difference.
Its been years since I had a horse, Cowboy Magic is great stuff.