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Sshhhhhh...... a little secret......

You don’t have to follow the book exactly.

In regards to stitches, a couple of us at Kamp were very experienced stitchers, we didn’t do things exactly as the book said or as Barb demonstrated as for us some things were counter intuitive to what we had been doing for years.

As I remarked “we’re arriving at the same destination via a different route”

My pad stitches are completely different to both Barb’s & Steve’s But it does the exact same thing and most importantly it has the same strength in the right places as I checked with the guru!

If you’re having zen time with stitches also try some cross stitching or hand quilting for some variety.

Well...the secret's out, now. Very true, that. Likewise, when I started brewing beer I very closely followed a given recipe. Now, I've enough experience where I know what I can substitute out and such.