I thought I'd cast a net and see if by any chance anyone had a Matheson hunting modern kilt they were considering selling. I'd need a 36-ish waist. From what I understand of the measurements I'd need a length of about 21", maybe 21.5".

On the off chance someone is browsing who might have one, I'm also keeping my eye out for an Argyll jacket that'd be about a 48, definitelity not long, possibly short. Big shoulders, barrel-chested, arms on the shorter side. Totally depends on how it was made. Some regular jackets are okay, some are ridiculously long, down to the tip of my thumb. I guess they figure it's impossible to need a 48 if you're 5'9" (first thing in the morning, before gravity takes hold and pulls me down). Ideally, a 48 with an "athletic" cut.