We are very excited about our new venue in the heart of the city. Anyone within driving distance of The Big Smoke is invited to attend our monthly Tartan Tuesday event at The Duke of Cornwall Pub 400 University Ave. It is happening Tuesday, October 2 Share this widely! All are welcome!

What are Tartan Tuesdays?

- Tartan Tuesdays are a chance to strap on your kilt or other tartan item and socialize at a fantastic Scottish pub in Toronto on the first Tuesday of each month.

Do I need a kilt?
- You don't need one but if you have one, wear it. If all you have is a tartan scarf or tie, wear that. The point is to display your tartan proudly and have fun.

What do ladies wear?
- Anything tartan that they like.

Is there a cover charge?
- No! Just pay for your own food and drinks and enjoy!

What if I'm not Scottish?
- It's Tartan Tuesday! Most of us enjoy Highland culture and fine whisky but you don't have to be Scottish to appreciate these things! You don't even have to drink if that's not your thing, but I'm sure The Feathers would appreciate if you bought something!

Do I really need to RSVP?
Please RSVP! It helps us reserve the proper sized table so you aren't left hovering near us