I've done a quick look to past posts regarding types of kilt hose and was quickly overwhelmed by the sheer number of posts. If there's a prior post somewhere which address my question(s) please point me in the right direction. Otherwise, any advice and thoughts are, as always, welcome.

I've got a collection of inexpensive cotton hose from sockdreams.com; at $8 to $10 a pair you can get four or five pair without flinching and they've proven comfortable wear for subtropical heat. They're also perfect for just wearing on errands and such.

I also have two of the Colored Kilt Hose from USAK and they are very nice and certainly look more refined than the "cheap-n-cheerful" sockdreams. I tend to wear these at work (yes, they tolerate my kilt on casual Fridays and even during this month of October during my department's Wednesdays "Jeans Day for the United Way" fundraiser where a $10 donation lets one wear jeans, or in my case a kilt, on Wednesdays this October).

As cooler (relatively) weather will, hopefully, arrive any month now (here in Clearwater, Florida, USA) my thoughts are turning to picking up a couple pair of nice kilt hose. It seems that House of Cheviot is one of the main producers of kilt hose (at least they're the ones that keep coming up on searches).

To get to the point, I see the following:
Reiver (the wildbroom is quite nice looking IMHO)

There are, as you know, more but prices become more than I care to pay - certainly $60-ish should be more than enough for a good pair of socks.

I was wondering if there's a description somewhere that provides the differences in these different models? (There's another model in the $25-ish range, glenbraigh? glenbaigh? I saw it and promptly forgot how to spell it and then couldn't find it again.)

And I did see Mr. Ashton's video showing how he makes hose on his fantastic kilt-thoserator 3000 machine-thingy and I need no convincing that a good pair of kilt hose are worth the price. I'm just trying to get the difference in the models.